Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good (and/or Cheap) Old Fashion Family Fun: Hudson Style

Our family budget doesn't allow a whole lot of room in the entertainment department. We're always looking for FREE or cheap ways to have fun. Listed are some of The Storm's favorites:

Cost: FREE (because all the games were Christmas presents from the grandparents.)
Approximate Time The Storm was Entertained: 1 hour (give or take the time fussy kids/sore losers were sent to time out)
Approximate Alone Time for Big Momma: (Alone Time meaning, load the dishwasher without kids clinging to my legs.) NONE, because it was way too fun watching The Meteorologist play Twister.

Flash Flood even got in on the action...


Cost: $0.49 each (All Publix Christmas merchandise marked down, 90% off)
Approximate Time The Storm was Entertained: Hours on end.
These are musical candy dispensers in the shape of a cow, pig and dog. You mash on it's head and guess where the candy is dispensed... The only place that would keep The Storm entertained for hours on end, laughing hysterically every time, as if it was the first time they saw it... Yep, the bum area. The inventor of such a candy dispenser must be someone who has spent time with my boys.
Approximate Alone Time for Big Momma: How ever much candy there is to refill the dispensers.

Cost: $250,000 (in the first 18 years, before college tuition is applied)
Approximate Time The Storm is Entertained: Hours, and hours, and hours on end.
Approximate Alone Time for Big Momma: NEGATIVE Five hundred-twenty five thousand- six hundred minutes... and counting...


Cost: FREE
Approximate Time Spent Entertaining The Storm: 2 hours, 7 minutes.
Approximate Alone Time for Big Momma: 2 hours.

The Hudson House Theater only features plays written and directed by Her Highness, who is always cast as the lead role. Rehearsals can last days. British accents are a must in these Western Musicals, where British cowboys have devoted their lives to protecting their beloved Princess. During the most recent production, Hail informed us, he would be a speaking as a "wegalar" (regular) cowboy, since he "can't talk Spanish." Typically, after rehearsing for hours, the play itself only lasts 7 minutes, or until a cast member gets sick of being bossed by the director and walks off the set, causing even more real life drama.
Cost: $cheap. (I've never been good at math. Whatever a bottle of tearless shampoo costs, divided by however many nights the kids take a bath before the bottle is empty)
Approximate Time Spent Entertaining The Storm: Varies. If The Meteorologist is in a hurry to get back to a football game or an episode of Burn Notice... 3 minutes. If he's not in a hurry... time it takes for kids' fingers and toes to get all wrinkly.
Approximate Alone Time for Big Momma: Varies. (see above)


Brittny said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

(And I am also a fan of Burn Notice. Hate when it's not on.)

The Hills said...

I love how mom's define alone time as "being able to unload the dishwasher without children handing onto their legs!" It's SO NICE to be able to do that, isn't it?! And, the winter makes it SO much harder to find cheap, fun ways to exert said children's energy! Baby Brother has become an endless source of fun for us these days too!

Mandy said...

Great post! My boys would be all over the pooping snowman. LOL

Lindy said...

LOVE this post!

Voice of Reason said...

Not sure what all the fuss is about... this post is just ok.

Dana said...

And I bet they'll forget all the things that yall saved and saved for them to be able to do and these will be the memories that they tell their kids about.

Love it!