Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maynard Mayhem

"There's no place like home.." especially when a mess of Maynard's are there!

I love going home. Since The Meteorologist is in the middle of tax season, (Because, in case you didn't know, Bert's not actually a meteorologist. He's just a boring old CPA, with his own practice.) I was tired of being a semi-single mom and decided to make a trip home, to see my parents and several of my siblings. (We missed you, Nick!)
We all piled into Grandy & Cookie's house and enjoyed tons of hugs, kisses, snuggles, wrestling matches, ping-pong tournaments, and battle(s) of the the wills. And that was just us adults. The kids enjoyed playing down in Cookie's Corner, as always, as well as a trip to a children's science museum, several walks/hikes in the woods, and getting to play all by themselves on a playground at the restaurant their Uncle Luke runs. (Shout out to Uncle LUKE!) Here are just a very few shots from the weekend...
~Me with my nephew, Mr. Hug-A-Bug.

~Hanging out on the porch. My twins with Kelly's twins. Only mine aren't really twins, they just look like it. And hers really are twins, and look nothing alike, seeing as how one is very much a boy, and the other a beautiful, dainty little girl.

~Flash Flood letting everyone know, "It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno!"
~Lightning and his favorite gal pal, watching a little Disney. ~Hail rocking his favorite gal pal, and asking, "Why's hers head so wittle??" To which Cookie replied, "Because she's not a Hudson!"
~Wreaking havoc on the children's science museum...

As the saying goes, "Home is where the heart is." and I couldn't agree more.


Hyperactive Lu said...

Looks like lots of fun! And you are quite a brave Mama to travel alone with quite a few kiddos!! But it probably beat staying at home without Daddy-O, huh?!

Lindy said...

Ahhhh! I bet you are homesick! I know it's so much fun when all of you are together! All the kids and babies are precious! Thunder and Lightning really do look like twins in that pic! With every year they look more and more alike! Btw, Cookie and the twins look great too!

Whitney said...

Love all the pics! We just got home from being gone only two days and I was already homesick! Haha. There's nothing like coming home to Mama's and (not flopping ;) sitting on the couch with a big *sigh*. :P

Glad y'all had so much fun!