Friday, April 8, 2011

Hail's Humor

Hail (pointing out a college-aged girl jogging): See, Momma! See!!! Mommies CAN do exercise too! Dat Momma is doing her exercisin', so now you know you can do yours!

Me: Ummm, are you trying to tell me I NEED to exercise??

Hail: Yeah, actuawawee you do.


Me (fussing at Hail for still talking after being put to bed): Quit talking and go to sleep!

Hail: Momma, why you always bossin' everybody around all da times??

Me: 'Cause I AM THE BOSS!

Hail: Well, yous not da boss of God! God is da boss of everfang. And He not say I haff to go to sweep!

Me: You're going to meet God, face to face, if you don't hush!


Hail (interrupting a book I was reading to him about farmers): When I grow up, I'm gonna be a farma!.. and a firemans... and a basebaw coach... and a fixer mans... and a PIRATE and a...."


And speaking of farmers.... One from Her Highness...

Her Highness: Madison's Dad is a cow-poker.

Me: Huh?? A cow-poker?? What exactly is a cow-poker??

Her Highness: I'm not really sure. I guess some type of farmer.

(After talking with Madison's Mom, I learned her Dad was a chiropractor.)


brooke said...

So cute! You are going to be so thankful one day when you go back and read all of your post. Love the conversations!

Robin said...


The Hills said...

Gotta love 'em! At least they make for great entertainment ;)

Runnin' Mommy said...

These are too funny!!! I love it! Also love the picture of "pork". : )