Monday, September 19, 2011

Ain't no party like a Hudson House party, 'cause a Hudson House party don't stop!

To most, our house seems completely full with just the seven of us. My backyard looks like a daycare center, on a normal day. Yesterday, Her Highness asked could she invite a friend over after church, which started a chain reaction. Since the weather was gorgeous, I caved and allowed all five children to pick a friend. Well, Flash Flood's friend was by default, (because she's the daughter of my best friend, and little sister to Hail's bestest bud) but I'm pretty sure he would have invited his favorite gal pal no matter what.

All 10 children were running around the backyard, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, when Hail asked could our new neighbor's little girl come over and play too. "The more the merrier!" I laughed. A few moments later, the precious china doll of a seven year old came over and politely asked, "Mrs. Holly, could you please tell me when it's time for the birthday party to start? My parents said I can't stay for the party, but I could play until then." Confused, I asked, "Oh, are YOU going to a party later??" She clarified, "No, ma'am. The birthday party that's here. My parents thought since there were so many children in your yard, it must be a party!"

I laughed. And laughed. Then I explained it was just a regular playdate-- Hudson House Style.

About an hour later, my neighbor called me over to our fence and tried to hand me a beautifully wrapped birthday gift. Stifling my giggles, I explained there was no party. She laughed too, then said, "Well then, you're just crazy! My husband and I thought surely there must be a child's birthday party going on! We are still so new to the concept of having so many children. My Mother, who is still in China, called the other day to ask what the girls (they have two, ages seven and 18 months) would like in their package she was sending from China. She spoke to them and J said, 'Grandma, could you send me FOUR brothers?? My new neighbor has four brothers and we have SO MUCH FUN over there!' I tried to explain to her, we will not be having four brothers. We are happy with two daughters, and that is all. She tells me, 'Mommy! You will have MORE babies! I want BROTHERS!' So now we are feeling so much pressure from her, and she's only seven years old."

We do have a lot of fun. And I wouldn't trade any of it for the whole world.

Thank-you so much to all who left comments on my post below, and to those who sent me wonderful comments on Facebook, as well as texts and e-mails. I am so very blessed to have such a great support system. Without all of you, I would be lost. Thanks for the reminders of fun and sweet memories from those who knew me when I was young. I laughed through tears, as I read all of your notes. I truly appreciate your kind words of encouragement and prayers more than you'll ever know. It has helped to know I'm not alone in my feelings. I love y'all!


LayLadyLay said...

I want to play!


Whitney said...

I'm with Julie; If I bring a present, can I come?! LOL.

WE love you too, Holly! :)

Trace Car Driver said...

that is so funny. i admire you... for having 5.7 kids ;-) and for letting each one bring a friend to play. OH MY. you are superwoman my friend!!!

Mandy in Wonderland said...

You really are my hero!! We had 6 13-14 yr old boys for a sleep-over Tyler's last birthday and they ate so much, they all talked at the same time, I was so frazzled trying to keep up!! Your momma did it beautifully, so there no wonder you followed in her footsteps!!

SunshineFoster said...

You are super mommy! Can we come play too! I am planning my princess' third birthday party and we've invited all of her friends from school. I am not quite sure what to do with all of them. LOL.