Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Deep thoughts from Hail Hudson

"Hey Momma, do cheetahs only live in da jungle??... So dey don't live near us?? Not even in the woods?.. Do cheetahs eat peoples?? But if a cheetah saw a people, would hims try to eat dat person?.. Can people ever run faster den a cheetah? I bet Daddy can run faster. I bet Daddy can get his gun and shoot dat cheetah.. Can a BB gun kill cheetahs?? Can a big gun kill dem??.. Can a cheetah run faster den a bullet??.. What are you eating, Momma? Can I hab some? Would cheetahs eat dat kinda soup??...."

The above conversation took place in less than a minute and a half. And he's still going, I just quit listening.

Hail's been wearing that one batting glove for nearly three weeks straight. He sleeps in it. He plays in it. He only takes it off to bathe.

The kid's a nut.


Ashlee said...

I have one of those...those that NEVER stop talking! But, TJ makes sure that I respond to every question...he will say the same thing 167 times until I respond! Hail is precious and I love that he wears that glove everywhere...so fun!

tarheelmom said...

Not a baselball glove, but boots...we're dealing with Sumner wearing cowboy boots! ha I'm thinking I might prefer the glove! ha I love your nutty kids!

Trace Car Driver said...

hilarious! our boys are the same way... wow! i love that he took a break to ask about your food then went right back to the cheetah convo! ha!! and the glove, that's just too funny!!


Lindy said...

I'm so glad he loves that glove! I'll just pretend it's because of me! Ha! ;)

Mandy in Wonderland said...

I LOVE IT!!! I miss reading your blogs! I'm catching up!!