Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seven years later... Simon says, "GOWAY!"

Bert and I celebrated our seven year anniversary yesterday. Wow, Babe. We've packed more into seven years than some do in 17. We've had four wonderful kids, started our own business, bought and sold four houses, plus lived in more rentals than I feel like counting right now. No, Bert's not a member of the CIA, he just loves the thrill of the hunt. And for some strange reason, the boy loves to move! He'll tell you himself, he really enjoys moving all of our junk from one house to another. For one thing, it forces us to purge. For another, I guess he likes to flex his muscles that he keeps so well maintained, but has no real reason for using, until Lucy turns 16. Poor Lucy, in a house full of testosterone the girl has no hope of a dating life, at least not until she moves out from under our roof.

Last night, Bert and I got to enjoy dinner and shopping ALONE thanks to my BFF since college, Lindy, who I often refer to as Dixie. Snaps to Dixie for making our date night possible. She's the kind of gal who will come over and without saying a word, walk straight to my laundry room, grab the broom and start sweeping the whole house. Or, immediately tackle the pile of laundry that needs folding. She's the best, for sure. She's also the kind of babysitter that loves my kids like they are hers. Granted, she won't say the word no to them, but I always know they are in good hands while she's there.

While Lindy was battling the Hudson Troops plus her own one year old son, Bert and I had a quiet (strangely quiet) dinner. We very rarely get to go out just the two of us, so it was nice not having to cut someone else's meat, clean up at least two spilled drinks, and make four separate trips to the bathroom. After seven years of.... ahem... bliss... We still love just being together. Bert's always had the ability to make me laugh, even when I was furious. I hate that about him. I can be pounding my fist on the counter, ready to really drive a point home and just zing him when he does this whole, "Holly, if you're so mad about it, why are you laughing?" "I'M NOT AND DON'T YOU START WITH ME, BERT HUDSON!" I'll scream back, but within seconds he'll have me laughing, still mad, but laughing. His mother tells me that he's always had that uncanny ability. Unfortunately, it's hereditary because I often have to run out of the room when I'm trying to chew out the boys for their latest bout with disaster. Oh, me... those Hudson boys.

The sweetest part of our night was when Bert recited our wedding vows from memory... Wait, that was later that night on Jon & Kate Plus 8... sorry for the confusion. Bert, if you ever read this, I'm so thankful that our paths crossed and that I got to be "the thrill of the hunt". The past seven years have been so much fun (most the time) and I can't wait for more! I love you.

Sappy part behind us...

I had an interesting time in the grocery store yesterday. Are we really that much of a spectacle? I thought with shows like Jon & Kate, The Duggars, etc, people would think my family is really pretty small in comparison. Well, maybe the rest of the world watches channels other than TLC, but come on people, four kids is not that big a deal! I had Lucy sitting with Hank in the "car" part of the buggy. Thunder and Lightning were snug as bugs in the front (it was a double seater) because they had lost their "walking privileges" which happens every time we go shopping because the boys just love to run. It started out in the usual way, "Honey! You've got your hands full!" But yesterday, things progressed. One retired couple from South FL literally blocked my cart. This part is to be read in a retired south Floridian accent: "My, ole' my! Whed' they get that red hair? Ya' know, it skips a generation like that?! We knew these twins back when we were in school in Aubun, and they had like six kids between the two of 'em, none of thems had that red hair, but their grandkids! Oh, they did! ALL of 'em!" Me, smiling back, nodding, grabbing children and shoving them back in the buggy, sticking 12 packs of oreos back on the shelf, finally, "I know, crazy huh? I gotta keep moving! Y'all have a great day!" The next two aisles were stalled by more questions and gawkers. There was the funny black couple who shook their heads in disbelief, a couple of employees who asked about their ages and then, this man, who was around Bert's age at the oldest... I won't say it, Babe... just that he was in his early 30's... I accidentally made eye contact with this man, only because he was blocking my view of air fresheners. "You've REALLY got your hands full. I'm watching you thinking, 'Thank God I only have one.' But, she's four now so my wife is busting my chops for another. I'm afraid she's trying to have an 'accident' (he does his fingers in quotations) so I'm like taking a baseball bat to bed with me and saying, 'Back off WOMAN!'" He then laughs hysterically. I stare blankly at the air fresheners for a moment, then decide that the smell of dirty diapers won't be so bad for a few more days. I quickly turn to Jack, who is doodling all over my grocery list and say as I'm walking away, "Hey Buddy, tell me what's next on the list." Jack practically hollers, "Momma! I can't READ!" Work with me here, son! I'm trying to escape from the crazies who are coming out of the wood work today! Is it BOGO if you have no social skills day? Come on! Seriously, I was stopped two more times and again by the check-out lady. Fran looked to be in her 60's, sweet, I'm sure, but after hearing me say the boys names about 84 times in a matter of 5 minutes (we always fall apart at the check-out) she goes, "Jack and Ty wear you out, I can tell!" My response, "Angels, aren't they?" Thanks boys.

After yesterday's encounters with the townsfolk, and since Lucy was home from school with pink eye, we decided to stay put today. This morning, after having a fun babysitter who plays games and does the works, Ty was making me jump through hoops. In his deep husky two year old voice (the boy sounds like he is a chain smoker) he kept saying, "Momma, wet's pway the am-i-nal game." Charades with animals, only you get to make noise. I guessed what animal he was, which wasn't hard because he's always a snake or dog, and he immediately said, "Now, wet's pway red light green light." So, we did that for about four seconds. "Momma, let's pway...hmmm... Oh! I know, Simon Says!" I was tired of running around so I said a few things for Simon. "Rub your belly. Jump up and down. Pat your head and rub your belly at the same time." I got tickled at him trying to do the last command and started laughing. Ty, became offended and said, "Now MY turn! Simon say- GOWAY!"
So, I did.
Really sad, this is the only recent (2 1/2 years ago) picture I could find of me and the Mr. This is what we look like most of the time: goofy hats, silly faces and baby in tow, so it's fitting for the two of us.


Kiera said...

Hilarious!! Great post once again! And Happy Anniversary to you!!! Wow how time flys! I remember so clearly the days at 916?? (was that it?) Oh fun times. I sure hope we get to visit this weekend. Pink eye?? Surely not. Call and let me know what's going on. Love you girl!

Holly said...

Hey Sweet Girl,
It was 929, the only reason I remember is because we talk about it ALL the time... what fun we had and didn't even realize it! Lucy's fine now so we definitely want to see you guys. Love you!

Cindy said...

You are so funny! I love reading your posts. Happy Anniversary to you and Bert!

As for the crazies in this town... there's just no escaping them. I just try my best to avoid Kroger. I think it's like their headquarters or something! :-)

Dixie said...

You gave away my alias! ha! I am laughing so hard at your comparison of Ty's voice to a chain smoker. He really does sound like an adult man who smokes. Congrats to you and B for making it 7 years, and still as loving as the day you were married, obviously 4 kids in 4 years. ha! Just had to throw that in, as if you don't get enough comments.

I am glad you got to enjoy a quiet meal, and I love those little red headed monsters. Never a dull moment, and I love spoiling them!

Happy 7 years of bliss!
Love, Dixie

Supabloggasuprememama said...

haha! what a great friend lindy is! those are so hard to come by-the ones with common sense and thoughtfulness to boot! ;) how nice! congrats on your anniversary! And I must say, in defense of the grocery store crazies, if they gawk at my kiddos, then I KNOW you really have it rough. You're talking to your campy/college friend who lost touch for a few years, and when I returned via email you guys are two short of the brady bunch!!!