Sunday, December 14, 2008

GOD is just as good today as HE was yesterday.

This was the statement my Daddy so wisely and bravely spoke to me Saturday while delivering the horrible news that my cousin, Rachel Perry, was killed in a car accident. Saturday morning, Rachel was driving to her parents house to help prepare for a college graduation party where she would later be honored. She was scheduled to graduate from college that same day. Her parents were throwing a big party for her and all her church family and friends. Apparently, Rachel hit a patch of ice on the road and was killed instantly. WHY? Death is so hard to handle and grasp in our minds. WHY now? Why this young, beautiful girl who had so much life to live? That's not for us to know. GOD is just as good today as HE was yesterday. And, Rachel now gets to be with HIM until the rest of us get to Heaven. It's so natural for us to grieve, and while we believe that there is an after-life, that is so much better than anything we could imagine, we still want her HERE with us.

As we accept GOD's plan for Rachel and her untimely death, please pray for my family. My Aunt Beverly and Uncle Jim and my cousin, Melissa are hurting so badly right now. Please pray for them to be comforted by the peace only HE can give.

Rachel was a bright, beautiful young lady who had fun no matter where she went. When we were all together at my grandmother's for Thanksgiving, all the great-grandchildren were rolling down a nearby hill and then running back to the top to do it all again. After several minutes of the kids having all the fun, Rachel jogged to the top and rolled down herself, proving that though she now had a seat at the "grown-up" table, she still knew how to have a ball. Rachel had a beautiful voice. She sang in many plays and choirs over the years. All I can think is that maybe GOD needed her to join His choir of angels in Heaven. HE needed a new lead singer. We love you Rachel!

For now, we will keep reminding ourselves, GOD is just as good today, as HE was yesterday.


Kiera said...

Holly, I'm so sorry to hear that! I have chills over my whole body to think how young she is and what a horrible time... But you are so right in saying that God is good and He does have a plan for everything, but we will definitely keep your entire family in our thoughts and prayers as I can only imagine what a horrible time they are going through. We love you and please let us know if there is anything we can do!! Love yoU!

Shannon and Andrew said...

Holly, sorry to hear about your cousin. We will be praying for all of her family. Thank you for sharing a little about her with us.

Tesney said...

I'm so sorry Holly. It's a good reminder to hear you say that she is with God, as that is the only comfort when we lose a loved one. I've been praying for you all and the rest of her family since I read this post the other day.

Cindy said...

Your family will definitely be in our prayers. Your daddy is a wise man Holly. God truly is as good today as he was yesterday. While its so hard for us to be comforted when we lose a loved one, we mustn't lose faith. We must still believe. Believe and know that our Heavenly Father loves and cares for us all. He will surely wrap your family in the comfort of his strong and loving arms.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

Holly-I am very sorry to hear that sad news. Very true about her being in heaven singing with the angels, though. I am just so sad to hear that news. Your family will definitely be in my prayers!