Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just a few reasons I'm considering homeschooling...

-HER HIGHNESS that is. And, just until Hail goes to kindergarten. Then, Her Highness will be allowed to go back to school and live life as a little girl should, with out having to be my "Little Momma."

One day while the boys were eating at the table, I left the kitchen for a second. I heard Lightning and Hail laughing hysterically, so I assumed Lightning was playing his usual game of peek-a-boo to entertain Hail. I walked in to find this. Meanwhile, Thunder was eating across the table from these two monkeys, as if nothing was happening at all. I fussed, "Why didn't you call for Momma?!" To which Thunder replied, "They're laughing, Momma." As if there was nothing wrong with the situation.
I have no idea how Hail got stuck on the chair, under the table. The boy is part monkey, and LOVES to climb. He's half the reason I can't get the dishwasher loaded on a daily basis. The other half is because I hate doing it.

Lightning's newest pose when he's "ANG-EE!" He also enjoys telling us off by stating in his husky little voice, "You NOT inbited to my birday party!" He told me this yesterday when I said no more oreos before dinner. I would be worried, but I'm sure he'll add my name back to the guest list before JUNE gets here.

These boys can't get right.
This is how I found Hail at the end of a tough day of climbing.

Her Highness: my eyes, ears and comforter when I'm in another room. What a great Mom she will make after all this practice. Poor child was robbed of her babyhood at the ripe age of 17 months. I'm sure she'll go on Oprah some day and tell all about it in her book.

Things just seem to run smoother when she's here. I have no idea when I would fit her school lessons into our day, but she would ace a test on life's lessons taught by her brothers. Let's face it, I could never be a real home-school kinda mom. For one, I don't make home-made granola. Two, I'm way too lazy to re-learn all the stuff I have already forgotten, and didn't really know all that well in the first place. I just miss my sweet little, only child with a true sense of danger and common sense, GIRL, during those six hours she's at school.


Tesney said...

Funny girl! I would NEVER homeschool although I have friends who do and love it. I'm too selfish/not cut out for it. My main reason for not homeschooling (among others): SuperWhy would be our spelling teacher and I'd just skip math altogether...I'm not really good with sticking to a schedule.

Kiera said...

Precious blog! Awesome pictures! I'm so proud of you. You are keeping up with this and putting a smile on my face almost everyday!! You go girl! You have a great family and I'm so glad to be "apart" of it! :) Love you!

Cindy said...

Aren't boys just the most fun EVER?! (She said with a smirk!) Sweet Lucy. She does look like such the little mom! I think all the craziness in monkeys, I mean boys, is just hardwired. Sure keeps things interesting though! You have a precious family Holly. Even when they're standing on high chairs, wearing capes and diapers, past out on the floor, or just hugging on that beautiful big sissy. I just love your posts and pics. They always make me smile and laugh out loud.

Ashley said...

it was so wonderful to meet you and your beautiful family a few weeks ago! i only wish we could have had more time to visit. please let us know if you guys are ever passing through atlanta and we will meet you anywhere! we love you and hope you have a wonderful christmas!


ashley wyatt

Dixie said...

Ha! Don't I know you wish you could just keep Lucy at home until Hank gets to kindergarten! I mean she is smart, I don't think she would be behind to just go straight to 5th grade.

Enjoy the Christmas break and having Lu-Lu a few days!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

hilarious!!!! Poor Lucy!!!