Monday, July 12, 2010

"You're just a bee charma, Idgie Threadgoode, that's what you are... a bee charma."

It's 82 degrees in my house. And it's only 9am. Our air went out during the night. The high today is somewhere in the upper 90's with 400% humidity. It's only going to get hotter, so I'm trying to count my many blessings, and not let the heat get the better of me.

I love Fried Green Tomatoes. The book is even better than the movie. I've always thought it would be fun to visit that era, with Idgie and Ruth. Sure, I'd be the third wheel, but don't you think Idgie, Ruth and Holly's fried green tomatoes would taste delicious? With no air conditioning, and other amenities from our time, I know I wouldn't last long. But, since it's sweltering in here, today I'm pretending to live in a giant old mansion, talking with an old super southern drawl. So, maybe I usually talk with a southern drawl, but not like they used to.

Nowadays, we speak more of hybrid, down around these here parts. Rarely do you hear "warm" with two syllables--"wa-wom." And if you do, it's typically said by an older southern lady, dressed to the nines, including a fancy Sunday hat. I do love to listen to the older southern dialect. So, bare with me, and read the following, as if spoken by Ruth herself.....
(Let me know if you need it translated.)

And, since I've been missin' in ack-shun for the last lil' bit on this here blawg, well, I'm gonna catch all y'all up a bit on our summa activities, and just why us folks have been so vary buzee...

We had a wonderful (but much too sho-art) visit with my younga sista, Kate. She brought along her sweet ba-bee gurl, and we all got some good suga from that precious lil' cupcake.

Then, we celebrated two vary special young 'uns, Lightnin' and Her High-nass. We had the most golorious time, y'all! My sweet boy, Lightnin' had a small gatherin' by the pool, while Her High-nass enjoyed a gurl's nite, with some old gal pals she's known since cradle roll at the church.

I had the privilege of paintin' all they're tiny lil' fingas and toes. There were only 80 of 'em. It was quite a good time. By the end though, we were all wo-worn slap-out!

We also celebrated our Nation's burth. We made a flag cake and all! As you can see from the pic-chures, Lightnin' wasn't too much a fan (of the cake, not our Nation's burth.).....

No Foutha July would be completed without firea-works. It was just gra-and!

Of course, the best part was celebrating with dear friends and family, whom we just lu-uv dearly.
We hope y'all are havin' as much fun as we are this here summa. My only regret is how quickly the time seems to be passin' on by! Love to y'all!

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Whitney said...

I LOVE IT! I should've been born about 7 decades ago or in the 60s because I would have been a hippy. (My earrings right now are peace signs :P Is that sacrilegious since my hubby is in the Army?..)

The only thing that would have made this post even more perfect is an accompanying audio clip of your southern drawl. :P

De-light-ed to see y'all are havin' a wun-da-ful summa'! ;)