Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, Summer... Why do you have to go so quickly??

I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that July is half-way over. In just three and a half short weeks, Her Highness and Thunder will be heading back to school, and I can't stand the thought. I love waking up when we want, well, when the school kids want anyway. I'm up by 6ish regardless. Usually earlier. Sigh.

I so enjoy lazy summer days, making plans as we go, and not looking any farther than the afternoon. I love that our biggest decision each day has been which of the two neighborhood pools to swim in-- front or back. We're blessed to live in a neighborhood that has two pools to choose from. It's a wonderful thing. Like having two of your own giant swimming pools, only you don't have to worry about cleaning them.

I love staying outside until the lightning bugs are sparkling all around, and the only reason to force everyone inside is because of all the mosquitoes biting. I love not having to worry about spelling tests and reading assignments, only reading for fun, when the kids ask. I have thoroughly enjoyed the way the four big kids beg to "camp out" in each other's rooms, and fall asleep giggling at each other's silly stories.

I love waking up slowly, with my cup of coffee and which ever member of The Storm who got up first. One by one, they all come into the living room, piling up on the couch with me, hair poking up in all directions. We cuddle for nearly an hour, staring blankly at Dora. Yesterday, during our morning ritual, Lightning looked around at our overloaded couch, with all five kids in and around my lap and said, "Wow, Momma! Yous sure gots wots of kids!"

Unfortunately, once school begins, our mornings aren't quite this relaxing. Only our weekend mornings get to be this way. And usually, many of those are packed and scheduled to the max with birthday parties, ball games, and weekend visitors.

The school year brings its own fun. And each season is special for different reasons. But, as my children have gotten older, the lazy days of summer are definitely my favorite.
Her Highness will be in second grade this year, and Thunder in Kindergarten. I thought the more children I sent off to school, the easier it would get. I did pretty well leaving Her Highness for the first day of Kindergarten. I was able to hold my tears until we got to the car. Bert laughed as I sobbed the entire way home. It was such a shock to think, that after five years of her being solely in my care, she would now be spending six hours a day with a teacher we only met the week prior. That was hard. And knowing she would have to deal with bullies, and scraped knees without me there to scoop her up was even harder. But, she did just fine, and LOVED her teacher, which made everything much easier.
(Her Highness' first day of Kindergarten and Thunder's first day of preschool.)

So, now I'm feeling these same stresses with Thunder, though I know it will be just fine. We will meet his teacher in a couple of weeks, and hopefully find a class full of new best buds. I think the hardest part, is again, knowing how much time he'll be away from me, and having to face all the playground hardships of a five year old, without me there to console him. Thunder is also the best big brother a Momma could ask for, and the leader to this crazy crew, so I'm a little sad about breaking up The Storm. He did go to preschool for a few months last year, but that was only three hours, three days a week. By the time we dropped him off, ran a few errands, and took naps, it was time to pick him up. And, like I said, it only lasted a few months.
Kindergarten will be all day, with no option to quit. It makes me a little sad, I'll admit.
So, I'm going to try and soak up these last three and a half weeks of laziness. I'm heading back to the couch right now, to snuggle a little more with my nutty red heads... maybe time will slow down, just a little.


Misty Dawn said...

Oh no! I thought it would get easier too! I had a reeeeallllly hard time letting Will go to Kindergarten. I thought Brad would be a breeze. Nah, I know better. It's like the end of their babyhood and innocence in a way. Now I'm dreading it, and it's still two years away. :(

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for the reminder Holly- whenever I have a tough day with my guys, I remember that one day they'll go off to school and I'll wish I had the time back....hope you all are having fun!! :)