Friday, September 17, 2010

Ni Hao, Dora ??

Setting:  Our filthy van
Cast:  Me, Lightning and a slew of happy meal toys

Lightning:  Momma, what does dis say? (pointing to the tiny words inscribed on the bottom of an old happy meal toy he found in the floor.)

Me:  Made in China.

Lightning:  Oh.  Well, what does dis one say??
(pointing to another happy meal toy, which apparently procreated in the sticky floor of my van, because I can't remember the last time we actually purchased a happy meal, yet my floorboard is always FULL of plastic trinkets and junk hailed from Burger King and McDonalds)

Me:  That one also says Made in China.

Lightning, (deep in thought for a moment):  Momma, are we Chi-a-neese??

Me:  No, baby.  We're Americans.

Lightning:  Den, why every-fang made fwom China??

Me:  Well, they have cheaper factories and labor there. So they make it in China, and ship it to America.

Lightning, relieved, "Okay, good.  'Cause I don't speak Spanish." 


Meagan said...

LOVE THIS!!!! HAHAHA...So cute, and so true. I can see why he's so confused. A true product of globalization.

Meg said...

I love it and I love how you can remember all these adorable conversations and get them to the blog! Did you know there is a company that will print your blog into a hardback (or softback) book. I did it last year with my blog and loved it so much I plan to do one every year. You never know what is going to happen with this crazy internet and I didn't want to loose all those memories. Your blog is definately worth spending the money on to print. Check it out when you have time at Have a great day!

The Hills said...

If you haven't read my post regarding the subject of spanish speaking KOREAN's you should check it out...we are totally on the same page here ;)

brookehenn said...

hilarious, holly! i love the funny things kids say!

tarheelmom said...

you had me at the first paragraph! ha ha ha ha ha ha

totally with you!