Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Boys of Fall. And no, not Kenny Chesney's boys... my boys.

Fall is just around the corner.  We've gotten a fall teaser the past few mornings, with lows in the upper 60's during the night. The crisp air is a refreshing change from waking up to 200% humidity and temps already well into the 80's. 

Lightning's morning ritual includes going straight to the back patio and relieving himself in the grass.  Like a dog.  Gross, but true.  I say props to him for conserving water.  Yesterday, the cool air caught Lightning by surprise.  He squealed through the window, "Thunder!  Come pee out here!  It's COLD!!" 

I can't say it enough... The boy's not right in the head.  None of them are.  I blame Bert's genealogy.

The cooler temps (we're talking low 90's instead of 100's) have helped us all with our attitudes, as we've enjoyed playing outside much of the day. 

Bring on the cinnamon broom sticks and scarecrows!


Meg said...

Amen to that!!! I can't wait for fall either! Bring it on!

Mandy said...

Wait a minute...they're not supposed to go to the bathroom outside? Uh oh.

The Hills said...

They look so sweet though ;) Can't wait for our week of REAL fall weather!!!

Kate said...

Hey! We'll be around this weekend and MUST come see yall!

tarheelmom said...

Yes, our potty appears to be located outside as well...except Sumner likes to go in the front just in time for the bus or a neighbor walking by! If it's not that he's holding on to his "manhood" while talking to everyone. Please tell me your boys do that too and mine isn't just a total weirdo! I know he's at least half weird - he is his father's son!
Yay for fall temps!!!

Dana said...

I've never in my life been ready for summer to be over.. Until this year! We went on a bike ride yesterday and I think I felt a breeze. So lovely!