Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Years of Hail

Bert and I have referred to our boys as The Storm, long before I ever even knew what blogging was. I used to laugh as I would say, "They're like a STORM, complete with Thunder, Lightning and Hail, either spelling of the word will do."

The truth is, Hell Hail is our most strong-willed child, and definitely the most dangerous in our house, because he's always refused to realize his limitations, whether they be physical limitations or discipline limitations.
From the time he was six months old, he thought he could keep up with the big boys. He was drinking out of a juice pouch with a straw, and clearly asking for "mo chicken" at the dinner table by 9 months. His wheels have always turned at a different speed than our other children. I'm not necessarily saying his IQ is any higher, it's just that he looks at life in a different way than most children. He looks at himself a different way than my other kids did themselves at age three. He's very confident and sure of himself, even when arguing with his five and four year old counter parts. He's extremely witty, and tuned in when it comes to sarcasm. And he's a sneaky little booger. Those qualities combined with an uncanny ability to charm even the crown off Queen Elizabeth's head, create a dangerous effect. I just hope and pray we can teach him how to use all of that for the greater good..... And that he doesn't end up in a state penitentiary.

"I shall wear my hat today, since I recently
gave my crown to that charming little
fellow. Hail, I believe they call him."

This little stinker pot, who can fill my heart with joy, make my brain hurt trying to win his mind games, and wear me down physically, all in a five minute span, just turned three. Well, I say, "just" like it was yesterday. It was actually about six weeks ago. I got trapped in one of those Motherhood Time Warps, where the days crawl by, yet the weeks have moved faster than the speed of light. Anyway, we had a small gathering of friends to eat pizza and play in the "back ward," which was exactly what Hail asked for. Being the fourth child, he tickled me opening his presents that our friends so generously gave of. Each time we would hand him another, he would look back at me and squeal, "And dis one is for me too? WOW! I lub it!" before he would even open it. So sweet. Once he got the wrapping paper off, with the help of all the kids at the party, he would stare at the gift then squeal again, "DAT'S AWE-SUUUUMMM! DANK-YOU!"

I don't have any pictures... at least not that I can locate. As I've mentioned 84,000 times, I'm using my dump old iphone as my camera. Things get deleted on accident all the time. I'm sure it doesn't help that the operator of said iphone has 2,041 pictures in the camera roll. I've written a letter to Santa, so maybe, just maybe a real-big gurl-mommy-kinda camera will show up in my stocking. I've been really good all year, so we'll see.

Pictures or no pictures, Hail is officially three years old. THREE YEARS OLD. Where does the time go?? It seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Now, in the blink of an eye, he's THREE.

Be still my beating heart....

I absolutely love age three. They're still so young and precious, yet they're starting to gain some insight into the world of big people.

Three year olds do things like dress themselves, then insist on keeping that outfit on, even if stripes and plaid don't match. At all.

Three year olds ask questions that make you think... hard... before giving them an answer. And sometimes, continue thinking even after you've answered. "Who is God's Momma? But, everybody has a Momma!"

And three year olds ask questions that make you think... hard... about heading for the nearest bush and hiding there all day. To the precious 70 something grey haired lady, my apologies.

Hail: Why are you so OLD??
Precious 70 something Lady: Well, because I was born a long time ago. Longer than when your Mom and Dad were born. And probably their Mom and Dad.
Hail: Ohhhhh. So dat's why your hair's so old too??
P70SL (laughing, thankfully): Yes, honey. That's why my hair's so old too.

Speaking of hair...

We finally got Willy Wonka's hair cut.

Here's the before:



Even though he was in desperate need of a good cut, I wasn't quite prepared for him to look like a little man. I got a lump in my throat when he marched out of the "Har Cut Store" sucker in hand.

Hail, Hail, Hail. Much like your Father, you are a pure joy to my heart.... And a pure pain in my butt.
I love you.


The Hills said...

Don't you just LOVE the rotten stinky ones! They make life so much more fun...and interesting! Love all of the pictures...he's precious (at least looks precious)! Happy Birthday to Hail!

Lindy said...

I can't believe how time has flown by! I look at the older three holding Hail, a.k.a. Bert Jr. and can't believe their baby faces! It seems like yesterday, but then looking at these pics I realize how much they have grown! Hail is no doubt the wittiest three year old I've ever met. I would put him against any 10yr. old in a mind game war. ha! I love your last sentence, "pure joy to your heart....and a pure pain in the butt." LOL!

Sara Elizabeth said...

He is absolutely adorable. I love watching my kids grow and learn but it goes by WAY too fast. Happy (belated) Birthday, Hail.

Trace Car Driver said...

awesome!! it goes without saying that you crack me up, but i guess i just said it again, for the four eighty sixty ninety-th time! (my 3 yr olds fav #!) 3 is a good age... sounds like he and my trace would be great friends! love the pics. have to agree, he looks wayyyy too big with his new haircut.
still adorable though!

mallory said...

I have a strong willed child who reminds me a lot of your little Hail! Perfectly put, "a pure joy to my heart and a pure pain in my butt" I know God has a sense of humor!