Wednesday, November 3, 2010


As we part ways each morning before school, Her Highness and I always say the same thing, as fast as we possibly can... "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouGOODBYE!" It started back in kindergarten when she was having a hard time saying bye to me in the mornings. Bert would be waiting patiently in the car, as Her Highness would run back to the door for one last hug and say for the 84th time, "I love you, Momma! I love you! Bye! I love you!"

I always hated saying bye to my Momma too. Still do.

 Remembering how that was the worst part of my school day each morning, was what helped me in knowing how to deal with that when it came to Her Highness' separation anxiety. I'm the type of person, where if I'm upset, the less of a deal some one makes over me, the faster I can get over what ever I'm upset about. But, if the people around me start to hug on me and try to make me feel better, I usually end up crying longer... So, when I could tell Her Highness was a little tearful on school mornings, I would try and make her laugh and get out the door by saying as quickly as I could, while hugging her tightly, "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouGOODBYE!" And when I said the Goodbye part, I always popped her on the butt. Don't ask why. It just made her laugh. So I did it. And I still do it. Every single day.

Most days Bert takes Her Highness and Thunder to school. Every now and then, I get the honor of driving the royal limousine. Our mornings typically all go the same: "Y'all are LAAAATTTTEEE! Get a MOVE ON IT! COOOMMMEEE ONNNNNN! BEEERRRTTT! They're late again!!! Ugggh! Thunder, buddy, you can't go barefoot. Where are your shoes??"
Meanwhile, Her Highness is standing at the door, backpack on, glaring at the rest of us for ruining her life by making her miss saying the pledge with her class at 7:25.

Recently, we took ruining Her Highness' life to a whole new level, all because at the last minute, Bert tossed me the keys since he was busy preparing for a business meeting later that morning. Unaware that I would be the one to drive the kids to school that day, I had to run around looking for my own shoes and change Flash Flood's diaper since he would be riding with us. Her Highness was furious by the time we all got loaded up...
Her Highness: Momma! I'm so tired of being late EVERY DAY.
Me: You're being overly dramatic, as usual. You're not late EVERY DAY. Just half the time.
Her Highness (eyes rolling): Uggggh. It's already 7:29. I'm going to miss the morning announcements!
Thunder: So? Who cares??
Her Highness: You're just a baby kindergartner. You wouldn't even understand! And your dumb baby school doesn't even start until 7:45! So you don't ever have to be as late as ME! Ahh, Momma! Now it's 7:35!! I'm going to have to sign-in and get a late pass!!!
(She burries her head in her hands, as if her life were truly over.)
Me: Okay, well, we're here! I hope you have a GREAT day! IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouGOODBYE!
Her Highness (eyes rolling again, as she gets out of the van): I'm going to march right into that office and tell them that my parents are IRRESPONSIBLE!
Then she slams the door.
I opened the window and hollered: They already know!
She never looked back.
Oh, my.
I pray every single day that she grows up and has a daughter EXACTLY LIKE HER.


The Hills said...

She'll grow up to be a Momma and realize how HARD it truly is to get anywhere on time (especially with 5 kiddos)! TJ is exactly the opposite...he would still be brushing his teeth at noon if we didn't pull the drill seargent routine every.single.morning.

April said...

I have to admit getting only one ready for school right now has been an awakening for me. Thank the Lord we don't have to leave the house until 7:45 to get there but the process before we leave is typically the same. Complain, complain, complain!!! The thing is the complaining comes from my other 3. They are definitly not morning people. They really did take after their daddy on this one. I really enjoy the stories of your ever busy days. They make me laugh and have a sigh of relief that I too can make it through another crazy day with my wild, wild bunch. {April Everett}

Sara Elizabeth said...

I love how that, whenever I read your blog I see myself. It is nice to know I am not alone. Thank you.

Trace Car Driver said...

love it!! i read it to my husband and even he laughed. then he saw her highness's pic and was like- aww! she's cute :o) then i told him we were your parents neighbors. anywho. glad to see a few more blog posts from you recently. been missing them. as always, got a good laugh!

Meg said...

Wow school starts early for her highness! I feel your pain though. Every morning is a struggle for us, but it's mostly my fault. I am NOT a morning person! Trying to get myself ready and two little girls is just craziness!!! Somehow we all manage though!!

L Rukes said...

still don't know how you do it! love the new portrait pics. a precious storm!!

Lindy said...

I love her! I bet your mom wished the same thing for you. ha!