Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bologna Awards

Okay, so I've been "honored" by a great gal-pal from college, Cortney (McKinney Madness) with a prestigious blog award... I was also "tagged" by another super fun college bud, Brooke (Babbling Brookie) a long time ago, but since I suffer daily with a serious condition I refer to as Mom-nesia, I forgot and never did complete her game. Sorry, Brooke! So, now I'm going to combine the two and here I go: For Cortney's I'm supposed to list five things I am addicted to, then honor five others with the prestigious blog award, and they are supposed to carry on and on and on... You get the point. I'm going to answer the questions from Brooke's as well, so those of you that get "honored" or "tagged" take your pick. Sorry, I'm a rebel... a rule breaker... yeah, that's me.

The Top FIVE Most Addictive Things in My Life:
(In no particular order)

1. JESUS- nuff said.

2. Pepridge Farm Mint Milano Cookies chased down by just about any Starbucks coffee- For real, my mouth waters just thinking about it. Y-to the-U-to the-M.

3. Sunday afternoon naps- For some reason, I guess it's just how my body is programmed, but every single Sunday I'm super sleepy and need a nap. I don't take naps any other day, I guess it's just the fact that I did it all my life, so as soon as we finish with lunch after church, I want to put on comfy sweats, get cozy on the couch and doze. Wait, today is Sunday... zzzzzz....

4. Sloppy kisses and hugs from anyone in my family. My entire family is very touchy-feely. We love to hug, lay across each other on the couch, etc, so this was an adjustment to Bert when we first started dating. We also say, "I love you" every time we talk, so I think that was a little weird for him when my Mom would say it to him before hanging up the phone. It's just what we do. Now, I'm that same way with our kids, and so is Bert. If we're watching a show together, we're all piled on the couch, and we say "I love you" for no reason at all, like when we're cleaning the house... Wait a second, maybe the kids have figured out that once they say that I'm not as fussy... Those little rascals!

5. Reading- Bert will laugh when he sees this because lately he's read way more books than I have, but I do love to read. Anything. I always have a magazine or book with me in the car line waiting to pick up Lucy, and I love reading blogs and other super important stuff on the internet.
Part II Crazy 8
8 of my Favorite Shows
1. The Office
2. The Today Show
3. The Weather Channel
4. This is so sad, but my kids run the house so, other than the few times I check the weather or catch a few minutes of The Today Show in the morning (just so I can feel a little like a grown-up) I don't ever get to watch real tv! My tv is stuck on the Disney Channel or Noggin the rest of the time! Or ESPN once Bert gets home. How sad is that??

8 of my Favorite Restaurants
As much as I love my kiddos, these are all the places I love to eat when it's just me and Bert! Throw four crazies in the mix and suddenly your food doesn't taste as good.
1. Provino's
2. Laredo's
3. Zazu's
The following are places I love to go with my zoo:
4. Chick-fil-a
5. Ruby Tuesday
6. Logan's (The peanut restaurant as Lucy calls it)
7. Any restaurant with a clean indoor playground
8. Zaxby's

8 Things that have Happened Today:
1. We slept in-- 6:55! Woo-hoo!
2. Went to Church
3. Ate Lunch
4. Changed a nasty diaper then had to give Hank a bath (It was that bad.)
5. Took a nap
6. Checked e-mail
7. Blog stalked
8. Filled 27 sippy cups

8 Thins I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Finishing these surveys
2. Tagging Brooke with the Blog Award so she has to do another one of these :-)
3. Having our Share Group over tonight for Bible study
4. The boys taking a nap
5. April 15th (tax season ENDS!)
6. Eating mint Milano cookies and chasing them down with Starbucks Christmas blend
7. Next Sunday's nap
8. Hanging out with my girlfriends

8 Things On My Wish List:
1. World Peace
2. Mint Milano Cookies to become fat-free and contain an anti-aging ingredient
3. Live-in maid
4. For time to stand still anytime I'm hugging one of my babies or anytime they are doing something sweet/cute.
5. The desire to want to learn how to sew- I love home-made clothes (on kids) and I just have NO desire to learn. Oh, well. I'll keep relying on hand-me-downs.
6. Hank to sleep through the night
7. Hank to sleep in his own bed
8. All the boys to start taking naps again

Okay, I think that about wraps it up. Now, after much deliberation, the jury has chosen the Top Five Blog Award Winners! Drum roll please..........

5. Kiera Keen of It's a Keen Life! Come on down!! I love Kiera so much and miss her since she moved to NC. Her laugh is infectious, I can hear it right now as I type this.
4. Brooke Cameron of The Babbling Brookie! Brooke was a super fun girlfriend back in college and I love reading her posts. I am living vicariously through her much of the time.
3. Cindy Prater author of Super Cooper & Prissy Sissy- She's one rocking Mom who is hilarious.
2. Tesney Davis- Minivans and Mom Jeans! She's too cute and always has fun stories.
1. Shekinah Glory & Dixie-- okay, so neither of these gals even have blogs, but if they did, I would laugh until I cried and then laugh again. Both of these girls have been a part of my life nearly forever, and they are seriously some of the funniest people I know. So, maybe this will encourage them to join the blogging community. Come on girls, you know you want to!


Cindy said...


I just feel so honored to have been nominated! :-) Should I complete one (or both) of the surveys? Cuz, I will totally do that. I love that stuff! You are so funny girl. You crack me up ALL the time.



p.s. I heart mint milanos too!

Dixie said...

I will think about it. ha! I am just not as funny as you, I would rather blog stalk.

I am glad you got world peace in there Gracie Lou! ha!

Also, when tax season is over can we PLEASE go eat at Provino's, Laredos, anywhere and then top it off with some cookies and starbucks!

Love, Dixie

Holly said...

Please do both!
Let's do a girls night soon and split a pack of milanos and get some coffee or something. Stay warm!!

Holly said...

PS. Dixie, YES-YES-YES. Love you.

Kiera said...

Thanks Holly. I will get right on this seeing as I haven't posted since Dec 18th!! Actually I have posted, but they are just "waiting" for pictures to be added. So look for about 3-4 blogs very soon!! Love and miss yoU!!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

very cute.

Tesney said...

Ok, I'll get on it...thanks for the mention! I'll try to do you right...oh the pressure!