Monday, April 13, 2009

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks...

Her Highness and Thunder are now playing t-ball. They are on the team, The Nationals, under the coaching direction of Mr. Hudson himself. They are having a ball, making new friends, and learning all the rules of America's favorite pastime. When they learned the team was called The Nationals, Thunder's biggest concern was, "What is a National? Does it eat snakes?" "Well, I guess in some parts they do." He thought all ball teams had mascots such as the tigers. He still doesn't fully understand, nor does he care. He just loves to pimp his uniform.

Her Highness on the other hand hates that the uniform has NO pink and was quite insulted that the pants were gray. "Have you lost your mind??" She asked me when I told her to get dressed. A question she hears me plead constantly to this house full of testosterone. "Momma, I've never worn gray pants before and I'm not gonna start now!" She did indeed wear her uniform, and was fine with it once she saw how cute she looked in it. Accompanied with her new flower clip, custom made by my dear friend, Ashley. There are only two girls on the team, Her Highness and her BFF, Emily, shown here sporting the precious flowa clips. They are hysterical to watch during the game. They laugh and jump up and down and clap for each other if the ball gets any where near one of them.

During their first game there were some super cute memories made... Emily ran straight to third, after her first at bat. Thunder thought he could bat again since the ball didn't go quite as far as he wanted it to, and just stood there while the pitcher tagged him out at home. And Her Highness laughed hysterically as she ran the bases each time because she thought it was so fun to be out there. She got so tickled one time that everyone in the stands began to laugh with her.
During the final inning Her Highness was tagged out just before she made it to home plate. After the game was over she said, "Momma, did you see that boy from the other team chase me and tag me with the ball?? I didn't even know him and he just tagged me!"
The nerve of that boy! I laughed and tried to explain that was the point and a lot of that would be going on during the games. She just sighed and rolled her eyes, as if the rules should be changed.

I'm sure there will be many more fun memories made this first t-ball season. We've got a sweet group of kids on the team, and fortunately some fun Mommas to sit by. Some of my good friends requested their children be put on Bert's team, so we will enjoy fussing at the coach together when the team doesn't win enough. Or when our children don't get to hit lead-off and play short-stop.
Yes, my husband is wearing black dress socks with his tennis shoes. He has always done this when changing his clothes after work. No, it's not because he's in such a hurry and it's tax season. No, it's not because he doesn't own athletic socks. He just simply doesn't care. Cause that's how he rolls... Too cool for school. That's my Babe.