Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fast and Furious

Our news is spreading. Since Her Highness and The Storm were told almost two weeks ago, most in the Southeast were already aware. They are excited, which is making this pregnancy even more special.

To answer the questions on ALL of your minds.... No, we're not crazy. No, we weren't "trying." Yes, there's only one baby in there. We had an ultrasound last week to prove it. Yes, we are trying our best to prepare our Pretty Princess for being the only Queen in the family. We remind her constantly that GOD knows what we need. Her response is usually something along the lines of "Well, God KNOWS I have THREE brothers, so He KNOWS I NEED a SISTER!" Explaining God to a five year old is hard. Let's face it, explaining God to an adult is hard.

And of all my favorite questions: YES, we do know how this is happening/what's causing this to happen/any other funny line you want to ask us. (well, funny to the super quick witted person making the joke. (Dripping with sarcasm)) Seriously, let's retire that one, okay? If you have said that to ANYONE in the past, please understand this out of love: it's just not that funny. And the sweet couple you are saying it to probably loves and adores their children more than anything in the whole wide world, and actually has become shy when it comes to sharing their wonderful news all because of DUMB jokes like those. Here's the thing... I'm really not being overly defensive here. If you want to make jokes at my expense, fire away. I love to laugh at myself. I'm one of five children with pesky older brothers and smart-alek sisters, so being made fun of is nothing new to me. I just like to laugh for real. Not a courtesy laugh. Not a "Tee-hee... that's so funny. But if I wasn't a lady and I had guts, I could tell you that we do actually know how this is happening. That's our problem. We can't get enough of each other...." For real though, make jokes that are FUNNY please. Duh. I'm getting off my soap box now.

We are thrilled about number five and honestly don't care either way if it is a boy or girl. Since I'm in boy mode and know what to do with them... ie: throw them in the back yard... I could definitely handle one more member of The Storm. What to call him though? Torrential Down Pour? Straight Line Wind? I'll need some help with that. What do you think? A girl would be super fun too. Oh, all the pink and matching dresses and another BIG BOW HEAD. Either way it will be a blessing for us to adore. I just worry if it's not a girl, Her Highness might quit going to Church at the age of five. Now that was a joke.

Since Thunder just woke up vomiting, I now have a houseful of babies to spray Lysol all over. Maybe if I mixed some in their sippy cups it could kill the germs in their stomachs.... hmmm... why haven't they created something like that yet anyway?? And, why do stomach viruses always have to start after 11 pm?? Like sands through the hour glass..... But, I still wouldn't trade it for the world.


Dana said...

I think it has to be a girl. God just really seems to listen to those five year old's prayers.

I wasn't really that surprised when I saw that you were pregnant with the fifth. I always thought your family was so neat growing up, it just made sense to me that you would want to have that many.

Besides, even more blog material to keep us laughing!

Holly said...

Dana, you are so sweet. I am so serious... Emma or Chloe?? And let them know they have their choice of the three boys. :-)

Dixie said...

Coming from someone who can't have 5, I think it's great and you are definitely one who can manage it! Don't worry I warned Brian no "funny" comments, he just wanted to know if he could hum the Brady Bunch song when he sees you next time. ha! You know you can tell him "shut up that really isn't that funny" you don't have to give him a courtesy "tee-hee."

Priscilla Gray said...

AMEN, Holly! I was even hesitant about spreading the news about #3 since the twins were still so young. Some didn't even find out until I was 5-6 months along. Like you said, being 1 of 5 I can handle being made fun of, but only truly funny jokes, PLEASE!! We have been very open about wanting a large family...people just think we will change our minds. I guess when we have #4, #5 or #6, they will get the hint :) (although, we are only "planning" four). Plus, the other day someone told my sister that big families are trendy - haha, you are just being trendy!! I say all of that to say that I am very excited that you are pregnant again! God has blessed you with a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

Tesney said...

I really think you should just start telling people that you DON'T know what's causing it and ask them to explain it to you. I love unsolicited comments on how many kids you should have, as you know. I wasn't surprised at all to find out you were pregnant and I was excited to hear it! You come from an outstanding larger family and I think you understand all the joys of having lots of kids around. Congrats to you and I hope that Her Highness gets a sister...or a brother...like my grandma always said, "That's not Sears mail-order stuff." Tee hee.

The Hills said...

I think it's GREAT Holly! What an awesome way to grow up for your kids!

By the way, we are having issues with TJ and understanding God right now too.

He is still asking "where is my sister." "Is she still in your tummy." "Why not." Don't ask me where he got SISTER anyway. He is bound and determined to have a sister! He told me the other day that he was going to talk to God and ask him for another baby. Then yesterday, he told me "tell daddy not to cut my sister's hair, 'cause sisters 'posed to have long hair!

Shannon and Andrew said...

Hey congratulations! You are a much, much, much stronger woman that I am. I've had my fill with two boys!

Shekinah Glory said...

Holly, just respond with your slogan... "Party's in my pants."

Dana said...

If you still think that 10 to 15 years from now, we'll hook them up! But I'm scared! You know what they say about preacher's kids.