Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mrs. Bindi Sue Hudson.... we'll see about that.

It's no secret, Thunder has a HUGE crush on Bindi the Jungle Girl. He's mesmerized from the start of her program, until the final off-key, white girl rap song is done. It is a cute show, I must say. Very informative, if you want to learn about every reptile (past and present) that has walked the face of the Earth. The child can't dance, and really can't sing, but for some reason her producers ask her to again and again. Dancing or not, Thunder is quite smitten.

Could have something to do with the fact that they have an awful lot in common....

The other day while we were watching an episode, Thunder said, "Momma, when can I get a pet snake? See, Bindi's snakes are sweet, Momma, so you wouldn't have to be scared. If it's a pet snake, it is sweet to you." I responded with something along the lines of "In your dreams, kid."

Right on cue, as if our hard working Grounds Keeper (aka: Bert) had been eavesdropping and waiting for the perfect time, we heard a knock on our front door. I opened it to see this nasty guy hanging out in a bucket. "Where are the boys?" Bert asked excitedly.
Boys and their toys.

"Hey guys! Come see what Daddy found in the yard!" I screamed back at them. Thunder, who got there first, jumped up and down as if it were Christmas morning. "SEE! SEE MOMMA!!! I told you Daddy would get me a pet snake!!!! Where are we going to keep it?? I'm going to name him Sam. Give it to me, Daddy! THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU!!"

As you can imagine, it took a while for us to convince him that the timing was coincidental, and the snake would NOT be entering our home. The boys spent the rest of the morning like this:

Thunder's love is not just limited to the slithery subjects of life. He's a true animal lover all around. Turtles, frogs, worms and such just happen to be what he finds around the house most frequently. And what I find the most disgusting.
The kid is a nut. He'll touch/hold/pet anything that is laid before him. A few weeks back, Lightning noticed a dead possum close to one of our bushes in the front yard. Before Bert could get it bagged up, Thunder begged to touch it. "I just wanna see what it feels like!" GROSS. What a boy thing to ask.
So, it's the common love of all things gross I feel will bind these two together. A classic story really... Bindi the Jungle Girl meets Thunder the Country Boy. I'm scared to see what would happen if the two reproduced. Monkeys would probably come out. Backwards evolution.
All of this can only happen of course, if Bindi minds her p's and q's and some how manges to stay away from the childhood star trap. I have a slight feeling she'll end up like the rest though... poor girl. She'll be washed up and out to dry by the rightful old age of 13, leaving her starving for attention of any kind. Which always leads to super decision making-- By age 18, she'll be on the cover of dirty magazines, with giant snakes draping across the necessary parts. Bindi the Jungle Girl Gone Wild. Which will probably only increase Thunder's love for her.... Oh, what a world.


The Hills said...

Never seen that show, but TJ would LOVE it! We have had several pet turtles, lizzards, etc in our house too! So far we've managed to let them go before they are too far "gone!"

Dixie said...

Ahhhh! Gross!!!! I hate snakes, they scare me to death, big, little, poisonous, not poisonous. Look how those boys were sitting right beside it, and Bindi Sue's courageous future husband holding it on the stick, just like the snake man used to do. ha! What is it red and yella' kill a fella', red and black you can pat him on the back? ha! Life with fearless boys.... never a dull moment!

Love them all!