Saturday, November 7, 2009

I was noddin' my head like yeah, while the crossing guard was moving her hips like yeah...

Perhaps I should be ashamed of this post... but, I'm not afraid to admit it, "Party in the USA" is now one of my favorite songs. It's been stuck in my head for weeks. The first time I heard it, I found myself dancing along in the car. When the song was over and the dj mentioned that it was Miley Cyrus, all I could think was, "I LIKE a Hannah Montana song?? What's wrong with me?" But, after I watched the video on YouTube, I quickly realized, Hannah Montana is dead and gone. Miley must have stuffed that sweet little Hannah under her bed, along with all her modest apparel. I wonder if Billy Ray saw the final cut of her video, before it hit the air. I guess when you're riding your daughter's coat tails after losing a duel with devil down in Georgia, you don't really get much say in her sexy videos.

Thursday afternoon, Bert was working from home and The Storm was busy playing in the backyard, so I ventured out alone to retrieve Her Highness from school. Thankful that I could actually flip through the stations on the radio with out hearing screams coming from the backseat, "Nooooo! Not this!!! Turn our cd back on!!!!!" I came across a familiar voice, "And a Jay Z song was on..." I turned up the radio. Loud. And began to jam as I pulled into the car line. Oh, I should also add that since it was such a beautiful day, I had my windows rolled down. As I sat there, waiting for our cute little crossing guard, who reminds me of Wanda Sykes, to wave my mini-van across the lane, I realized, she was dancing a little. Then, I snapped out of my high school day dream just in time to notice the song was nearly over and I had been dancing and singing super loud, with my radio blaring, windows down, totally rocking my Odyssey. Feeling super embarrassed, I began my assessment of the cars around me. Wanda Sykes, who was just about to wave me across the lane to get in the left turn only line, nodded and laughed as I turned my tunes down a bit... She waved and hollered, "That's okay, Baby! That's my jam too!"

As Her Highness entered the van, she began with her usual peppy description of the day, sounding much like a junior valley girl, "Like, today we got to go to a huge kickball game down on the big field! And guess what?? It was a game where the fifth graders played against the teachers and I like don't even know who won but it was soooo much FUN! We were CHEERING and going WILD!!" So I interrupted, "So, it was like a Party in the USA?!" Her Highness, in total disbelief replied, "How in the world do YOU know that song??!" I then went on to lecture her about how cool I had been, once upon a time. To prove it, I had to sing the entire song for her and dance the rest of the way home. I don't think it helped my case much though. She rolled her eyes, just as I had always done to my own Mother, only I don't remember thinking my Mom was a total dork until I was at least 11. If Her Highness thinks I'm a loser at age 6...... Oh, dear me.


Jimmy said...

HA! I just had to check out the video, since you're like the 50th person to mention you like that song. Hey, I don't mind a little Miley now and again - I still like "Start All Over." That's my guilty pleasure song on my ipod ("Um, I don't know how that got on there! Must have been the girls...").

And, YES, once upon a time we were cool!...okay, if you deem clogging cool - WHICH I DO! I still think you're cool, so take that, Princess! &=D Just wait till I get a scanner - I'm going to plaster our awesome clogging pictures all over the internet!!!

Don't worry, though. The mortification factor is kind of like maturity. They're so young when they first get embarrassed now! *sniff* Your little girl is all grown up! It won't be long before she's going to be asking to WALK to first grade! ("Mom, really, if you do that dance again, I'm just going to open the door and tuck and roll.")

I love you so much!!! Thank you for being my friend! You're always in my heart!!!! *hugs & kisses*

Kristy said...

LOVE it! Too cute. :)

Dixie said...

Oh that song is so addicting! I have been singing it all day, how do song producers/writers do it? Do they have a certain way to make sure the song is like a subliminal message and sticks in your head for days?! Well you are not the only old MOM who likes that song! ha! JAM OUT! How funny Lucy thinks you are a dork, it is so hard to accept our new place in life, it only feels like yesterday we thought we were the coolest in the world and our parents were the most uncool, unintelligent people on earth. ha!

Runnin' Mommy said...

Maybe I should have waited until tomorrow to read this post because it is 9:30 p.m. and I have it stuck in MY head now!!! That is okay. I will have to checkout the video, haven't seen it.

I echo what Dixie said! It does seem like yesterday that we were the cute girls with the windows rolled down, jammin'! I'm still trying to learn my new position. The other day at the tailgate I was told I didn't have my "ticket" to get into the tailgate because I didn't have Emma with me. Everyone wants to see the grandchild not the mother. Oh well!

Cindy said...

Girl... That's my jam too! Ha! ha! It's not just the girls that think their 'rents are the very definition of uncool though. Cooper is constantly asking me NOT to sing and heaven help us if I actually sing or dance in view of ANY of his friends. I might as well be sticking a hot poker in his eye or something! Too bad for him that begging me to stop only ensures that I will sing louder and dance more horribly! 'cuz I'm THAT mom! :-)

Kate said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. I can't wait to introduce her to the Hudson Family during Thanksgiving... that is if you aren't in the hospital! Any updates on baby boy?

Love you-