Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Post 100... do you know how clean my house would be if I spent only half that time doing chores instead of playing on the computer??

I noticed the other day that my last post was #99, and that I had just recently come up on my blogging anniversary. A whole year has passed?? Some days, that just doesn't seem possible, while others I feel as though three years should be logged by now.

I was hoping our new baby, (still somewhat nameless though we do finally have a couple we are tossing around, however to spare you all the details, I will wait another day or two to make sure Bert is not going to change his mind, or that I'm not going to change mine, before sharing it with the blog sphere.) would make his debut and get to be post #100. Well, he clearly has a mind of his own already, and decided to wait a little longer. Okay, so I can't get too whiny there... He's still not due for another two weeks, but this child has dropped so low that I seriously can't imagine walking this way for that long. I'm talking, super amounts of pressure, not to mention he aggravated my sciatic nerve a while back, so with those two infractions combined-- he is being served an eviction notice immediately.

Extreme discomfort aside, we are super excited about meeting this baby. Hail is still completely oblivious to the fact he is soon to be de-throned. He proved this over the weekend, when Bert set up the crib in our bedroom. (Side note: I decided not to even play around this time. Why fix up a nursery when the child won't sleep in it? I plan to nurse, which I've done with all the others, and since I am already behind on sleep, I have no intentions of trudging across the house at 2 am, to nurse a screaming baby. No, no. I would much rather sit up in my own bed, reach over and grab him out of his crib right next to me, feed/burp/change him as quickly as possible, and get back to sleep.) So, Bert had assembled the crib and moved it to the corner of our bedroom, closest to our bed. Hail walks in and says, "Hey, what dat for?" And before I could answer he says, "Dat a bed for baby Harrison and baby Du-banana (Juliana) to sleep in when dey here, Momma?" Juliana and Harrison are babies who belong to two of my best friends. We are together quite a bit, but not enough for me to have a crib in their honor. "No, honey, no. That bed is for the baby in my tummy. The one that's going to LIVE with us. Your new brother. Remember, Mommy has a baby in her tummy and he's coming out soon." Hail nodded, slowly, but still looked as if he was hearing the news for the very first time.

The bigger kids, who all three understand completely, have also had their concerns, but are mostly just pumped to get him here and play. I'm sad because our hospital has a no-children visitors rule right now, due to all the flu in our area. Well, I guess mixed emotions would be a more accurate description of my feelings. I will miss those lil' boogers terribly, and not having the "He mashed the nurse call button seven times in less than 15 minutes, so they had to go home" stories to tell will make my hospital stay a little less adventurous. But, the thought of three solid days to nap, read, visit with my grown-up friends and watch anything I want to watch on television is quite appealing. What can I say, I'm a "glass-half-full" kinda gal!

Since baby #5 decided not to make his debut in time for post #100, and since I like to pretend I am living in my own reality show, I thought in honor of the 100th post and my blogging anniversary, I would do a quick, "Some of my favorite moments from the show" episode... I mean, uh, post. So, here they are, in no particular order, some highlights from the last year. (Okay, sorry, but I have to explain this to my com-pooter illiterate Mother... yes, every time. She's only in the last year learned how to turn on a dvd by herself. So, she claims. I think she's just always enjoyed making us get up off the couch to turn it on for her. --Momma, click on the stuff highlighted in blue, and you'll be able to read the older post. Then, click the back button and it will bring you right back here.)

-- My Moment in the Sun... My blogging Debut.

--Button-Eggs... A recipe for complete humiliation.

--My Life's Lessons from 2008... Where has the time gone? Time truly does fly when you're having fun.

--Honeymoon's Over.... Outta the mouths of babes.

--The Big Reveal.... Oh, what a night that was!

--Biology 101, Princess Style.... Some of life's hardest questions always come when you least expect it.

--Children are a Gift... followed by --You thought I was joking... Hail, Hail, Hail. You are your Father's son.

--Happy Fadda's Day... I'd like to raise a toast, to the man I love the most....

--Whimsical Beds, a game played just like musical chairs.... this is why I always looked glazed over and may completely forget something said five minutes prior.

So, there they are. A few of my favorites from the past year. Hope you've enjoyed reading the insanity that comes from our Hud-SONS and one Pretty Princess. Who knows what material they will give me next.....


Kristy said...

Happy 100th! Praying your littlest man comes soon!

Anonymous said...

i have to say that i love reading your blog! i'm always checking to see if you've posted something new :) keep up the good (and hilarious!) work!

The Hills said...

Congrats on the 100th post! You make me smile and laugh..out loud, I might add, every time I tune into the HudSONS!