Sunday, November 29, 2009

I know he's a week old, but can I get that epidural NOW?

....And if you could, just make me numb from my chest down.

Old Grandma has done it again... I threw my back out last night as I was reaching for Thunder's blankie that was located ON MY BED. I didn't even bend over for it. I simply reached to the middle of my (queen size, not even a king) bed and something cracked. I literally heard a cracking noise before I ever felt any pain. I stayed in that position for a moment before raising up, just because I knew it was going to hurt when I did. OUCH! As I stood up straight, tears began streaming down my face. I didn't even cry during childbirth... all FIVE times. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm just trying to get my point across about the pain that was shooting down my spine. I limped to Bert in the living room, shaking, and said, "This is not good. This is NOT good!" And the timing is quite comical too... My Mother left yesterday morning after being here for a week to tend to all our needs. She cooked, cleaned, washed every stitch of clothing that was on our bodies, changed sheets, changed diapers, played with the children, kept them occupied so I could take a shower, went to the grocery store 17 times.... You name it, she did it.
My house is cleaner than it's been since we moved in. So, at least I'm caught up on the chores. But why? Why did my dumb back have to go out AFTER she left?? "Waaah! Mommy! I want my Mommy!!!"

So, instead of making our Church debut, me and my 92 year old back are home this morning, with the sweetest baby in the world. Sorry, you may have thought one of your own children was deserving of this title but I have to say, Flash Flood takes the prize. Until now, Lightning was our easiest and sweetest baby. He now has to share his title belt with Flash. Other than his piranha-like instincts at feeding time, the boy is the happiest, most alert baby I have ever seen. He nurses like a champ, sleeps five hour stretches, and loves to be anywhere we are. He rarely ever fusses, even when he's starving. I could just eat him up. I weighed him at one week, and he's already up to 9lbs, 2.5 oz. You thought I was joking about the piranha-like instincts. The boy loves to eat.

Flash doesn't mind being passed around, which is a good thing since all four children demand to hold him constantly. So far, he's got very dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. I'm sure the comments will continue from our socially awkward fellow humans... When my neighbor saw him for the first time he said, "Well, he don't have red hair and fair skin does he? Guess that's cause you had those other four in a different part of the neighborhood. Must be a different mail man on these streets." Thanks, jerk. "Nope, Hail was born here." Was all I could say back, stunned. What is it with people?? Think before you speak.

Her Highness is completely over the fact that Flash is a boy, and not the baby sister she prayed for. "Momma, having all brothers isn't so bad after all." Is what she said the first time she got to hold him. With tears in my eyes, I told her that I knew that's how she would feel.

She is such a loving sister, and has been super patient with Hail, recognizing his need for extra attention. She's been reading to him and trying to keep him distracted during feeding times, which seem to be when he throws the most tantrums.

And speaking of Hail.... He's having a hard time adjusting to our newest blessing.

He loves Flash, and wants to be with him constantly. Hail just does not want ME to be with Flash constantly. He has become quite an angry little troll when it comes to anything to do with me. My Mom would ask him, "What do you want to drink?" Hail would politely say, "Chock-a-mik pease!" I could ask the same question and get a totally different response, "I SAID I WANT CHOCK-A-MIK!! GET IT NOW! NOOOOWWWW!" I'll be honest, we've never really had to deal with jealousy after a new baby was born. All of our other "babies" were too young to realize they were being de-throned with the arrival of a new sibling. Her Highness and Thunder are 17 months apart. Thunder and Lightning- 18 months, and Lightning and Hail barely 15 months apart. So, finally having a "baby" who was 2 years and two months old when the next one arrived has been a challenge.

This too shall pass.... And I'll be oh-so glad when it does!

The first time I nursed Flash in front of Hail, several questions came up, not surprisingly. After I explained that little babies drink milk from their mommies, Hail sat down beside me and began rubbing the back of Flash's head. "Pur baby. Pur, pur baby." he said repeatedly. "Honey, why are you saying 'poor baby..'?" I asked. In a sympathetic tone, Hail replied, "Cause he has to eat Mommy's boobies! Pur baby!"

More like "pur Mommy!" The kid is a nut.

Thunder is continuing to be the best big brother he can be. He's always been so tender hearted and caring for all his siblings. He loves to hold Flash and sing softly to him. He just turned FIVE years old, and I can hardly believe it. What a great brother to have as our eldest son. He's a good example, most of the time, and generally just wants everyone around him to be happy.

Flash loves to be swaddled, and many times after getting him wrapped up, I've made the comment, "Look at our lil' Taco."

While Thunder was holding him one day, he kept saying in the same tone I use to make the taco comment, "Look at our lil' Hotdog! Look, Momma! Our lil' Hotdog!" It took me a moment to realize he was trying to think of the food I was calling him, but couldn't. So, now when I swaddle him, we call him "Our lil' Hotdog."

Lightning is doing a fabulous job as well. Being a big brother is nothing new to him, and he does love holding Flash, just not quite as much as the others. He likes for Flash to be in the swing or bouncy seat near his blocks or Batman castle so Flash can watch him play. "I'm gonna teach him how to build a castle, Momma!" Is usually what he tells. Lightning has probably had the most questions concerning how soon Flash will be able to do "big boy stuffs."

Thanks to my Mother being here for a week, and to Bert being a wonderful Father and husband, I've been able to get caught up on rest and just relax for the most part. Hopefully, this dumb catch in my back will go away fast, and things will return to normal.... Well, "normal" is a relative term, especially when used in the Hudson House.


The Henderson Family said...

I love the last picture of Flash - he looks so sweet, and is very obviously a Hudson!! Hope your back feels better soon!

Ole Miss Mom said...

Awe...glad things are going well. I always said after 3, what's one more!! haha...ya just do it! (when people ask "how do you do it?")

Love the pics....hope your back gets better FAST!!!!!

Lisa said...

Sweet boys! Lucy too. Hope your back feels better. At least Flash is out so you are not stuck with placebo - oh I meant to say Tylenol

Nikki McElroy said...

"Pur" Holly! Hope your back gets right ASAP and any other less than comfy parts too. Little Hot dog is adorable, as are they all. It was good to see them this morning -hope Thunder had a great birthday!

Runnin' Mommy said...

Just caught up on you guys! Beside the catch in your back, it sounds like you guys are doing well! Love the pictures!!! Can't wait to see you guys soon! Much love!

Dana said...

Oh I hope your back gets better soon! And so thankful for an easy blessing. I've been praying that he'll sleep through the night by six weeks :)..

McKinney Madness said...

What sweet and precious children you have! It's amazing how they perfectly resemble a mixture of you and Bert. You guys make beautiful babies... maybe that's why God called you to have 5 (or more) of them!! Who knows... maybe TLC will call you about a show... : )

Kiera said...

Love all the pics nad you're cute stories!! You're an amazing mom and I love your family!!! I sure hope you're back is "back" to normal very soon! Thank goodness for moms!

The Hills said...

If anyone deserves a good baby it's you! I hope your back is feeling better oh so soon! Love the pics too...such a precious family!!!