Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Poem for my children...

It's too cold outside, even for super heroes, to play.
I really don't mean to wish all this time away.

Sounds of wrestling, fighting and screams;
Surely this is just a mid-winter's bad dream.

Threats have been made, toys are now in the trash;
For the sins of my youth, this must be backlash.

Amoxicillin lines, four rows deep in my fridge;
Perhaps I should pack for a beach pilgrimage.

Double ear infections and green snot, I know they can't help it;
My husband just passed off a dirty diaper and I know that he smelt it.

Hot chocolate and sweaters, only fun for a short while;
Folks passing by swear someday I'll look back at all this and smile.

Laughing to keep from crying only works for so long;
Jack Daniels, where are you? I need something STRONG.

I focus on their sweetness, while watching them sleep.
Praising GOD for their health, I begin to weep.

"These moments are trying" --understatement of the year;
"Will they remember my temper-tantrums?" now becomes a huge fear.

So many sweet moments, I often neglect;
At times I treat strangers with much more respect.

Apologies are made, a tone they are delighted to hear;
Tensions in the room immediately clear.

For GOD's grace I'm so thankful, as I often fail His test.
In the future, my goal is to only try my best.

Perhaps it's a good thing, I hope my children someday see;
A perfect super mom is impossible to be.

Knowing we're all human is a quality to be found;
After all, LOVE is it what makes our world go 'round.


The Hills said...

You're a super mom to me...I don't know how you do it!

Trace Car Driver said...

awesome poem holly! hate to hear those sweet lil ones are sick though. i know you are tired of being cooped up with 5 kids!!! hope you find something strong to get thru the rest of winter. :o) BWAHAHAHAHA!

Dixie said...

Awesome poem, and your an Awesome Mom! Your kids love you, and it shows when everytime we are on the phone, I can hear all their little voices in the background, as they all gather right to your side! ;)

Shekinah Glory said...

Nicely done, Shel Silverstein. I think I uttered several of those thoughts through tears & morning breath around 3am. Raising my Jack Daniels as a toast. Or maybe I'm starting to be along the same sentiments as Daddy's twin poem...

Holly said...

Oh, Kell-Bell! That just made me LOL! And I was up at 3am singing, "Somewhere out there" again. :-) LOVE YOU!

McKinney Madness said...

Oh girl, you sell yourself too short! You ARE a supermom... in every sense of the word!

Dana said...

The green snot always does me in too! I love the poem!

Kate said...

super mom is an understatement for you! Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Oh are the ultimate superMOM! Not only that, you can so totally write. I love reading your blog. Love the poem, I could so relate...well, besides the 5 kids part, but sometimes I feel like I have more than one. ;-)

Christina Blalock

Runnin' Mommy said...

You never cease to amaze me with your talent! Not only as a Mom but as an amazing writer as well. You should be so proud of the job done so far with your weather patterns! They are great kids who enjoy life because of you and Bert! THAT is something to be proud of!