Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rebel With a Cause

Each afternoon, as I drive Her Highness home in the royal limousine (known to us commoners as a mini-van) we discuss the typical after-school topics, well, typical for Her Highness that is... Most days she chats away about the oh-so-important details of classmate's new hairstyles, which boys got sent to time-out, and who broke the latest jump-rope record during PE.

Sometimes I have to interrupt, to learn about the areas in which I am actually concerned, such as: how she did on her spelling test; did she finish her book report in class; and did she eat her lunch or talk the entire time and stuff the left-overs back into her lunch box, as she does most days.

Yesterday, Her Highness spilled a little secret she had been keeping since kindergarten. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Did you have time to eat today, or did you talk too much again?
Her Highness: Yes ma'am.
Me: But did you actually eat the whole thing? Sandwich and all?
Her Highness, with her chocolate brown eyes wide and sparkling and HUGE smile, like she was about to bust if she didn't get this next sentence out... finally... after a whole year and a half of keeping it from me: Momma, I'm gonna tell you something, now. I ate my dessert FIRST. You know I LOVE brownies! So, I did. I ate it first.
Me: You little sneak! You know you're supposed to eat your sandwich and fruit before you eat your dessert!
Her Highness: Well, Momma there's more. I've always done that. Since way back in kindergarten. Always eat my sweet stuff FIRST, then the other... if I have time.

She was still grinning, ear to ear, and so proud that she had lived a double life all that time. Good little rule-follower in every other area of her life, except this one. Truth be told, I figured she did. Don't most kids?? But, I couldn't spoil her fun, or let her know that I didn't really mind. So, I continued...

Me: You crazy girl! Why do you do that?
Her Highness: I don't know... I guess 'cause I'm a rebel.
Her eyebrows went up with the word "rebel" denoting her seriousness.
Me: Yeah, that's you. Hey, what does rebel mean, anyway?
Her Highness: I'm not exactly sure. Maybe like, someone who loves sweets?

If sneaking sweets before lunch is as bad as it gets, I'll take it.

Our little rebel thought this (wishful) glimpse into her future was just hilarious... Her Daddy? Not so much.


Peggy Aston said...

Hilarious! I hope the eating sweets first is truly the worst it gets. I remember the family tribunal in the hotel room (at Nick's wedding) with you pleading your case to go ahead and return home with Bert that very night. You cannot imagine the amount of Maynard and Aston discussion that grew from this interaction (after you had succeeded and left the room). Love you and yours!

Dixie said...

The sweetness pours out of that little "Rebel"! I could eat her up, just like the first time I met her! I love that you guys are so close that she let you in on her BIG secret, only took 1 1/2yrs. but nevertheless she did confide in you!

LOVE me some "HER HIGHNESS"!!!!

Holly said...

Aunt Peggy, if I had only known then that I would spend the rest of my life trying NOT to leave early with Bert.... sigh. :-)

The Hills said...

Cracking up right now...out loud! I would still eat dessert first if I didn't have to try to behave in front of my child!

Kiera said...

Love her! I can just see that sweet little grin, makes me smile just thinking about it. Can't wait for those moments! ;)

Tesney said...

Oh my word...the pic is hysterical!

Cortney said...

So it's bad to eat your dessert first?!?! : )

Dana said...

Oh that one should definitely go in her senior ad!

So cute!

Runnin' Mommy said...

My oh my!!! I want to fill out a purple shirt like that! : )