Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lightning was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he....

Lightning, our most serious child, often surprises our friends when he finally warms up enough to cut loose.  Many times, after playdates we hear,  "I had no idea Lightning was just as wild as the others!  He was jumping up and down and squealing about the Nerf guns like I've never seen him do before...."  We always laugh because here at the gallery, Lightning is just another peanut.  My BFF, Lindy, describes him as our house cat... If you approach him too quickly, he will run and hide from you, probably for the rest of the night.  But, if you allow him to warm up, and come to you on his terms, he'll end up being your best buddy. 

"Seriously?  I can't believe y'all think bunny ears
are THAT funny.  Yawn."
-Lightning, Age: 3 months
As a baby, Bert and I would chuckle at the faces he made, as if he was always thinking, "I'm so above this group.  Please stop talking baby gibberish to me, Mom.  Yawn.  How did I wind up with you loons??"  He was just so serious, where Her Highness and Thunder, and after him, Hail and even Flash Flood have all been such silly, ca-razy babies. 

Lightning is an old soul.  He doesn't always add a lot to the conversation, mostly just listening intently, soaking it all up.  But, when Lightning does talk, he almost always has something of substance to add.  Which is unusual for a four year old, I think.

Earlier this summer, Lightning made a friend at the playground.  Running full speed, he stopped momentarily to introduce me, "Momma, dis is my fwiend Gabe.  He's four wike me!"  Then they ran off again, to play with a bouncy ball.  Since that day, Lightning has asked me at least a dozen times if I could call Gabe's mom and invite him over to play.  Every single time I have explained, "Baby, I don't know Gabe's Mommy.  And I don't have their phone number.  Maybe we'll run into them again someday, and then I can meet his Mommy, okay?" 

"Stick your hands up, or I'll shoot you
in da balls... And not da balls you
pway wif, but da ones you
punch somebody in!"
Yesterday, while playing in the backyard, Lightning brought up his playground friend once again....

Lightning:  Momma, do you know Gabe's big name??  (full name)
Me:  No, I sure don't.  I'm sorry.  But we could give him one, so we'll always know which one you're referring to.  (We know two.)  We could call him Gabe FrogLegs!
Lightning:  Nah.  Dat's not a bery good name.  Wait.  I know...  We could call him Gabe Balls!  Not da balls you punch somebody in, but da balls you pway wif.  Since me and him wike to pway wif dat ball at da pwaygwound.

Oh, my.  Life in the peanut gallery...


Jennifer said...

Hmm. Tell Hail he's got a little competition to being my favorite. Whenever I talk about "balls" (as in, the kind you kick someone in, such as 'hey Nick, be sure to wipe all the poop off the baby's balls') Nick always hisses "DON'T CALL THEM THAT!!!" What? Why not, that's what they're called, right? I mean, I know a few other words, but I think balls is the most appropriate one.
Speaking of that butthole, the other day I was saying something along the lines of 'Holly Hudson said blah blah blah' (I can't just say Holly, it's GOT to be Holly Hudson. And it's without a space too, HollyHudson, all one breath) Anyway, he has the audacity (how do you spell that?) to say "You don't even know her, she's not like a real person!"
WHAT THE BLANK!?!?! Can you believe he SAID that? I mean, seriously? I didn't speak to him for the rest of the night. Mainly because I fell asleep on the couch, but if I HAD stayed awake, I would NOT have spoken to him. Does he think you're my imaginary friend or something? You don't have to have actually MET someone to know them, do you? I mean, am I just crazy? Am I some kind of crazy online stalker or something? We're friends! We're REAL friends! I hate him.

The Hills said...

Leave it to a boy...even the quiet, thoughtful kind!

Trace Car Driver said...

BAHAHAHAHA! that is too funny. and i absolutely LOVE the way you spell out the way the boys talk... i read that language well b/c it's exactly how trace sounds! one of my fav things trace says is FWAKWET milk... aka chocolate milk :)

Lindy said...

Hahaha! I love the picture commentary, it made be BOL (bust out laughing)! Lightning, is so sweet! He really lives by the motto,don't mess with him me and I won't mess with you, unless you're Hail. ha! I remember the bunny ears pic, seems like yesterday. Boo Hoo! Now that I know Ty's personality, it is funny how it already truly showed at age 3mos. That little grown up, self-sufficient, ate his first chili dog at 6months booger! God knew right where to place him in the birthing order!

Brittny said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! That is so funny!!!!! Boys. Serious or not, they all think the same thing. I've had this conversation about friends with Christopher too. There was a little boy in his class last year that he loved playing with and still asks me if he can come play at our house. He always asks if I know his mommy. I have to keep telling him no b/c the one time I said a friendly hello to her she pretty much blew me off. Sorry buddy, you'll just have to play with him at school.