Friday, August 27, 2010

Three weeks down.... Only Thirty-Nine to Go.

As week three of school comes to an end, I am surprised by how quickly everyone has adjusted to our new schedule.  I have found funneling my coffee is about the only way I can get going.  Some mornings I get Lightning and Hail, who are up with the sun regardless, to chant, "GO-GO-GO-GO-GO-CHUG-A-LUG!" while they beat their fists on the kitchen table.  I throw dry Cheerios to my fraternity boys in the making, then pack two lunches and two snacks, wake the school kids, lay their clothes out on the couch, then feed them poptarts a well-balanced breakfast.  Getting out the door on time is as exciting as any rat race could be.

Thunder had a shaky start, stating on day three, "I'm going to try it one more time, but after tomorrow I'm not going anymore."  Several days he had to be pulled from my leg, begging, "Please!  Puh-lease let me stay home with you!  But I miss you and Daddy!  And I miss Lightning and Hail and Flash Flood!!!  PLEASE!!!"  It was heart-wrenching, I'll admit.  He just wanted to be home with his band of brothers, getting filthy in the backyard. 

Around day five, we decided it was time for Thunder and Her Highness to take the bus home.  Spending an hour and fifteen minutes in two different car lines each day was not good for my Christianity.  Not to mention, Flash Flood was not getting his afternoon nap, which made that magical hour before dinner each night even more frantic.  So, the morning that they were to start riding the bus home, I had walked Thunder into his school and said, "Make sure you give your teacher the note about the school bus, okay?"  He gulped, wiped a tear from his eye, then trying to hold in more tears he asked, "Can you just come tell her for me??  Momma, I don't know how to tell her where our house is!  And I don't know which bus driver I'm supposed to tell either."  Sobbing ensued, from both of us, only mine was somehow held inside, while Thunder's was being released into my legs, where he had buried his head.  It never occurred to me that he wouldn't understand the bus route, and that the bus driver would know where to take him.  Poor baby, thought he was going to just hop on a huge yellow bus and have to give directions to our house!!  It still breaks my heart to think those thoughts were going through his sweet little red-head.  After calming him down, and having the teacher help to explain the bus situation, Thunder was fine.  He now LOVES riding the bus home each day, and has made many new friends.  Fortunately, there have been no more tears about school since last week.  Which makes for a much easier morning on my part. 

Her Highness loves riding the bus too, and thinks she's a hot-shot sitting next to her fourth grade girl friends. I love hearing all about her school day.  The difference between boys and girls when describing their days is hilarious...

A typical description from Her Highness (without ever taking a breath):
"Hey, Momma!  Today was soooo fun!  Mrs. Teacher is so funny, and we learn a lot, but boy-oh-boy she keeps those wild boys in line!  And Annie's hair was super cute.  She had a side-ponytail and her Mom rolled her hair this morning before school, so it was extra curly.  Can you roll my hair tomorrow?  Oh, and at lunch time, Wilson told Davis that this is how you put your arm around a girl you like, and he acted like he was yawning and stretching, and then he dared to put his arm around ME.  Yeah, ME.  So, I took my elbow and hit him as hard as I could in the ribs.  I bet he won't put his freckly arm around me again!  So, then in Social Studies we had a quiz, but I got them all right, I think.  Oh, and during P.E., Coach said my shoes weren't tennis shoes, they were dress shoes, so I told him that my Momma said they were non-skidding shoes, and that's all that matters so it's okay.  And he said fine and let me play. During Math today we had a test, or maybe it was just a quiz, but it was a timed test and we only had sixty seconds to complete like a thousand problems, so needless to say, I didn't get finished.  Guess we'll see my grade tomorrow.  Oh, and did you know that girl scouts sign-up is next week?  But, I don't want to do the girl scouts.  During recess we played hide-and-seek, but Kay wouldn't let Madi play with us, which I didn't understand because all the girls were playing, but that's okay.  Oh, and the new girl, Lexie?  Well, I tried to be a nice friend and ask her if she wanted to play with us and she said, 'That's okay I'm already playing with somebody else.' so I said, 'Great!  Try I'll try again tomorrow.' Guess she's already making friends, so good for her.  We've got a TON of homework tonight.  I'm starving.  What's for snack??"

A typical description from Thunder:
"It was good."
Me:  "What did y'all do?  Who did you play with?  What kind of crafts did you do during art?"
Thunder:  "Ummm, I can't remember....  I'm hungry. Can you get me a snack??"

Not having that open communication, I feel out of touch with Thunder's world. And I hate that.  I know it's partly the difference between boys and girls, but I'm dying to know what all happens during his school day.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

Thunder did share with us the one time he got into trouble--
"Well, these two girls told me, (talking in a whiny, girly voice) 'You don't have to clean up your center today.  You can go on and play in the next station if you want.'  And as soon as I got up to go play somewhere else, they screamed to the teacher, 'THUNDER DIDN'T CLEAN HIS CENTER!!!'  And the teacher revoked my Center-Time Card!  But I got it back for good behavior."

Bert's advice, after laughing hysterically, "Thunder, don't ever let the girls dupe you, Slick!  Stay on top of your game!"  We had a talk about always making sure he follows the rules, and checking with the teacher first if it doesn't sound right.  Oh, sweet, innocent Thunder.

Last Friday, in Thunder's folder there was a notice from the CNP (Child Nutrition Program) stating we had a negative balance in Thunder's lunch account, of almost $10.  Confused as to why in the world he would have any type of negative balance, since I send in a HOME LUNCH every single day, I questioned him, "Baby, are you buying a chocolate milk or something during lunch time?  This sheet says that you've got a negative balance, but you take your lunch everyday, so this can't be right." 
Thunder nods his head, then explained, "Momma, if you wait in that line in the lunch room, they give you a lunch!  All you have to do is say your name to the lunch lady, and they just give it to you!" 

"Wait, WHAT??  Honey, they don't just give it to you, you have to pay for it, you turkey!  And if you're eating a school lunch, why is your lunch box empty every day when you bring it home??" 

"Momma, you don't have to pay anything!  You see, you just wait in that line, then you tell the lunch lady your name, then they give you a lunch.  That's all.  And I eat what's in my lunchbox at snack time."

Let's review the contents of said lunch box:  PB sandwich, no crust; Juice box; grapes; yogurt stick; chips; cookie--  FOR A SNACK???

Embarrassed, I wrote a check to be deposited into his lunch account, then held a brief lunch box/snack-time tutorial.  I tried explaining the lunch purchasing policies, but he clearly thought I was the idiot, who misunderstood. 

Between the staff thinking we are slackers who expect free lunches, and Bert's HillBilly dress code incident, I don't even want to know what our reputation is quickly becoming at that school.  Sigh.  Only three more boys to go....


tarheelmom said...

So cute that he thought he would have to direct the bus and that lunch was free. Bebe did that last year with ice cream on Friday...thought they just gave it away for fun!
I wish Bebe was like HH with all the information she gives. Bebe sounds more like Thunder.
Me:"How was your day?" Her:"Good. Great. Fun. I don't want to talk about it right now...maybe later. Where's my snack?"

The Hills said...

Laughs & tears! TJ is the same way when I try to PULL out how school went each day...maybe men really are born like that?! Love, love, love that he just gets free lunches everyday! Too funny!

Trace Car Driver said...

oh wow... that's good stuff!! gotta love the diff b/w girls and boys, huh? even to this day, i ask my husband how a meeting or something went and his response "it was good." when i am asked the question (which is rare b/c he knows what is to follow...) he usually gets a 30 minute play by play! seriously?!?!?! :)

McKinney Madness said...

That is so so funny!!! Her Highness sounds just like some of the conversations I've had with many girls her age. And poor Thunder, we just don't realize the mind of an innocent child sometimes. Free lunches... priceless!

Meg said...

Poor thing! The world of school is such a new and exciting and confusing place! Miss Priss did the same thing with the lunches. Most everyone else was getting a lunch by just walking through the line, so she should too! Things are going well now....I don't know what will happen when little bit starts real school though! Oh the stories I'm sure to have! Enjoy your upcoming long Labor Day weekend!