Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'd like to raise a toast, to the man I love the most....

...My babies' Daddy,  who recently hit 33.  This post is dedicated to you, Big B. 

(Bert hates mushy love notes.  Like, squirms while reading them.  He's a great husband though, and watching him raise our children has been a blessing to me.  To go without honoring the day of his birth would be just plain wrong.  So, this note will be written in a way only Bert would appreciate.)
Dear Big Poppa,
I'm glad you got born.
Love Always and Forever, 


The Hills said...

Pictures say 1000 words...and can even make you feel all mushy! There need to be more husbands and daddys like Bert (and Thomas) in this world!

tarheelmom said...

Happy Birthday to a man I don't even know!
But I agree with the previous comment...there need to be more good husbands/dads!

Dana said...

Happy Birfday Bert!

McKinney Madness said...

You guys are- without a doubt- PERFECT for one another! I love it!