Sunday, October 10, 2010

War VS Her Highness & Gracie

It reads:
Seckot (second) 2 grade
War VS. Her Highness & Gracie
Her Highness Hudson 8
Game one  21 Poots
Game 2  20 Poots
Game 3  24 Poots
totel (total) score

Any ideas as to what it all means??  Her Highness was already asleep tonight when I found this in her backpack.  I'm guessing "War" is a game of some sort.  And I'm hoping, for the teacher's sake, that "Poots" is actually supposed to be "points."  As Bert put it, at least she got her Math right.


Jennifer said...

She's so pretty.

Lindy said...

Hahaha! Let's hope there hasn't been that many "poots" by the "war" (a.k.a. the boys) in her class! ha! I'm impressed with her math skills!

The Hills said...

That's exactly what I was thinking...she's good at addition. Never heard of "War"...other that the card game?! Fill us in when you find out!

tarheelmom said...

So cute! Love the poots (points, I agree).
Yes, the math is the most important thing here, or the fact that she may want to consult a physician! hee hee I hope she and Gracie at least won versus the War.

Anonymous said...

creativity and logic in one lovely package is the "poot" here! let her continue to believe in herself with the math thing. so many of us girls were taught to believe we were not good at math simply because we weren't boys. Go go "princess." WC

Stephanie said...

Ahahaha ha! That made me laugh! Gotta love that she's an accountant's daughter!! :)

Anonymous said...

That made me laugh! Holly please call me if you ever want to get them all together one day!! I'd love to see you all