Monday, March 21, 2011


I had to return Her Highness and Thunder to their teachers today, after having them all to myself for an entire week. And while I know they need an education, and that they enjoy socializing with their classmates, I'd be lying if I said I didn't hate to see them go. I love having everyone home. Together. I'm a home-body, and am happiest on the days we lazily make plans as we go.
Most of our break was spent doing just that...relaxing in our backyard; enjoying the breeze and warm temps, before mosquitoes arrive for the summer. The Storm begging to be pushed higher and higher on their swings, and squealing that they "just nearly sorta almost kinda touched Heaven!" will forever be ranked as one of my favorite memories.
Listening to Her Highness giggle with sweet girlfriends while jumping on the trampoline, and eaves dropping on their discussions over new hair styles and who was cuter: Justin Bieber or one of the shaggy haired boys from Big Time Rush, is also being recorded in the "Best of Spring Break 2011" file in my brain. Along with the memory of them dragging tons of "necessary" items outside to work on their tans, because according to them, that's what you do during Spring Break. Beach towels, Barbie dolls, purses, plastic high heels, snacks and Capri Suns just to name a few. Only five minutes of laying in the sun, and both girls declared it was "Waaaay too hot to get a tan!" (I believe the high for that day was 72.) So they skipped back to the shaded trampoline and jumped while singing their favorite songs.

We splashed in the wading pool, met friends for picnics at various parks, fed the ducks at a nearby pond at dusk, ate popsicles until our mouths were blue and red and orange and purple, stayed up late watching movies and thoroughly enjoyed lazy mornings smacking on frozen waffles and sticky syrup. We were all sad to see the week come to an end, but were brought joy by Spring's official start, and the promise of summer vacation only nine weeks away.


During our escapades, we were saddened to learn of the loss of Bert's grandmother, known to many as Granny Scott. Though her death was neither untimely, nor unexpected, losing such a precious part of our lives, and our family heritage, left all of us with heavy hearts. Granny Scott was filled with such a sweet and gentle spirit, and was simply a joy to be around. Letting go of such a jewel in peace, to be with the angels, was difficult-- even knowing she had been in such pain the last few months of her life. I feel so blessed just to have known her. And to be a part of the beautiful legacy she leaves on this earth makes me proud. She was survived by her nine children, and over SEVENTY grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. All of whom are positive contributors to society. This world is a better place because of the life Granny Scott lived.


The day we received the news of our sweet Granny Scott's passing, we had a playdate scheduled with some dear friends at a park that is located on a nature preserve. The beautiful scenery and laughter was just what we all needed. Walking down one of the nature trails, the rest of The Storm ran ahead with their buddies, leaving me with Flash Flood and Hail to ourselves.

Hail opened up, asking many questions concerning the passing of Granny Scott. I stopped walking for a moment, so he would know I was listening, and he asked, "Momma, you know why I'm so sad about not seeing Gwanny Scott anymore? 'Cause now she can't give us peppermint candies when we hug her face!" His lip quivered just a moment before tears started flowing, from us both. I couldn't help but laugh, as I wiped away tears, at his precious innocence. Holding my three year old, who is still so new to life, while being thankful to have known his great-grandmother, who is as much a part of that baby being here today as I am, and thanking God for them both, is also a memory that's been permanently stamped on my heart, and locked into my very soul.



Jimmy said...

Holly, I'm so sorry to hear of her passing. I know this has been hard on your family. You can try to "prepare" yourselves, but you're never ready for it.
I went through the same thing with Mom, watching her suffer, but crying out that I was small and weak, and even though I knew she was so very sick and suffering, I was human and very selfish and wanted to keep her here. I understand.

You guys are in my prayers, sweet love. I love you so much!!!

Whitney said...

Oh Holly. I'm so sorry for your family's loss. I'm praying for y'all.

Sarah @ said...

This is my first time at your blog, but I just wanted to extend my heartfelt sympathies to you and yours.

Lindy said...

Bert's grandmother sounds like a terrific lady! I think the 9 kids part was all you had to say! ha! It seems like yesterday that you had Her Highness and were worried about looking okay in your bridesmaid dress. I can't believe she will be 8 soon!

Cindy said...

I am so sorry to hear of Granny Scott's passing Holly. Keeping your sweet family in our prayers and sending lots of love and hugs.