Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"And I was wike, Baby-Baby-Baby NOOO! I fought you aw-ways be mine."

Until I went home a few weekends ago, I had over 3,000 pictures and videos saved on my phone. My big brother, Matt, (SHOUT OUT!) helped me get them all off my phone, and burned onto a DVD, because I'm technologically challenged.

It was fun, skimming through all 3,245 old pics and videos that had been shot over the last year, many of them taken by The Storm. Good times, good times.

These two videos especially made me giggle. The first was taken while lounging on the couch. Hail announced, "I can woll my eyes!" which immediately made Lightning want to try it out too. You know, because rolling one's eyes is apparently important... in this house, anyway.

There were approximately 47 videos just like this next one. Lightning learned all the words to "Baby-Baby-Baby, Ohhhh!" as we call it. For three solid months afterwards, he would ask me to video him, so he could watch it. Over and over and over again. Guess we all got a little bit of Bieber Fever this past year. My favorite thing about this one is listening to Lightning's husky little voice. No, he's not hoarse. Nor is he getting over a respiratory infection. This is how the boy has sounded since the day he was born. His very first cry for breath as he entered this world sounded all husky and hoarse, and made Bert and I laugh immediately. He sounds like a chain smoker. And I LOVE it.

Lightning's Rendition of Baby-Baby-Baby
(with Flash Flood squealing in the audience)
Videography by: Big Momma

Captions for those who can't understand what he's saying. And for those of you fortunate enough to not know every. single. word. Justin Bieber, your manager is a genius.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa, da da da da (music beats, since he's singing acapella)
Whoa whoa whoa whoa, da da da da
I know you wuv me. Yeah.
I know you cawe. Uh-huh.
I said wheneva, and I be dere.
You are my wuv. You are my hawt.
And we netha etha etha be apawt.
I need a item. Yo.
You be pwayin'.
We're just fwiends. Yo. What are you sayin'.
Take anover wook what's in my eyes.
My furst wuv bwoke my hawt fer da furst time.
And I was wike, baby baby baby OHHHH! Wike baby, baby, baby NOOOOO!
Fought you aways be miiiine.
Fer you, I woulda done what-etha. And I just can't bewieve we not togetver.
I wanna pway coow. But I'm woosing you. I buy ya any-fang. I buy ya any wing.
I'm in piethis. 'Til you fix me. 'Til you shake me, 'til you wake me frum dis bad dweam.
I'm goin' down down down. And I can't bwieve my furst wuv won't be awound.
Now I'm wike baby baby baby OHHHHH! Wike baby, baby, baby NOOOOO!
Baby baby baby ohhh, I fought you aways be mine.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, now I'm all gon.
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, now I'm all gon.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, now I'm all gon, gon, gon, now I'm all gon!"


The Hills said...

LOVE it, hilarious!

Trace Car Driver said...

oh yeah... we LOVE some JB at our house, and bruno mars (do ya'll know his stuff too?) so stinkin cute!!

Lindy said...

I LOVE this video! It just hit me watching this video that your really big, deep voiced 4yr.old is still JUST A 4 YR. OLD! As big and strong and independent as he is, and has been since the day he was born, he is still just a little guy! :)

Runnin' Mommy said...

Too CUTE!!!!! I LOVE the eye-rolling! C says I do that all the time but I might be able to take some lessons!

Meg said...

Oh no......the song is stuck in my head now!!! Not again! :)

Whitney said...

So cute! I love Justin Bieber. LOL. Jeremy calls him Justin Beaver. I think he's just jealous cuz I love JB more. haha.
Love the eye-rolling. Too bad I didn't have it perfected when I was their age! ;)