Friday, July 29, 2011

"Avoidance, that is the first lesson in self-defense."

~Steve Geller, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

I have confessed before, our house stays a complete and total wreck much of the time. Occasionally, I'll get the energy and desire to clean it. Five minutes later, the mess returns. The kids hate cleaning, as much as I do, and will do nearly anything to get out of it.

Me: All right, everybody get in here RIGHT NOW and start picking up.... HELLO?? Turn the TV off and get to work... Guys?? NOW!!

Her Highness, quickly grabs a calculator off the kitchen counter: Awww, come on Momma!! I was hoping to do some Math problems!

Same song different day....

Me: Get out back and start cleaning that porch off right now. I want all the toys, food wrappers, cups, shirts, shoes, EVERYTHING cleaned up and put away... and I want y'all to sweep it off. Got it??

The Storm (on their way out the door): grumble, grumble, grumble... It's not fair... It's hot... I hate cleaning...

A few minutes later--

Neighbor Kid: Hey! Can y'all come over and play??

Thunder, enthusiastically: Well, we're cleaning our porch right now. It's really FUN. Wanna come help??

All I can say to that is, I have taught you well, young grasshoppers.


Whitney said...

This is still funny. :P
I love your kiddos. I need to find a way to get out of cleaning myself. HAHA.

Ashlee said...

After I pick up (notice I didn't say "clean"), I always wonder why I even bothered! But, then I worry DHR might come take my kids if they ever visited ;-) And, some days, when it's really filthy, I think of calling them to see if they might want to stop by! It's ok, the mess can wait, have fun with those kiddos while you can!