Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tickled PINK

To say Her Highness is excited about finally having a baby SISTER would be a huge understatement. More like, beside herself. The child has been praying for a baby sister, after all, for nearly four years. I have two sisters, and I know what a strong bond we share. So I am thrilled for Her Highness to be able to experience life with a Bitty Princess along her side.

The moment Thunder announced, "It's a GIRL!" we all started squealing and screaming. I was just so surprised to see the word "girl" written on the card Her Highness had designed for the special occasion.

The back of the card read, "Ethier way, well love a boy or a girl!"

And it's true... "Ethier" way, we would have loved a boy or a girl. But for Her Highness' sake, I am thrilled she's finally getting a sister.

Her Highness spent the first couple of days in complete shock. Randomly, she would come up and hug me and say, "Momma, I never saw it coming! I just can't believe it! I never even saw it coming!"

Other quotes from Her Highness...

"YES! Now I've got somebody I can train!"

"Can you buy us matching sundresses and headbands?!"


"Can we name her Bridgette?... Victoria?... Kat?...." (All after some of her favorite Disney and Nickelodeon stars.)

"I'm SO HAPPY we are finally getting another QUIET GIRL in this house!" (said when The Storm was competing in a loud wrestling match in the middle of our living room, while she was trying to watch tv.)

"Momma, would you have screamed that loud if that card had said B-O-Y?" To which I honestly replied, "Well, no. But, only because I wouldn't have been as surprised if it had been a boy. I was expecting it to say boy. But, I would have loved another little boy just as much!"

And my most favorite was last night, when Her Highness and I were watching a "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon on TLC, our Friday night ritual. There was an older sister who teared up at the sight of her baby sister trying on wedding gowns. Her Highness said, "That's gonna be me with my sister when it's her turn to finally get married.... Hey, I bet my little girl will be her flower girl someday!" I teared up then, because MY little girl had once been the flower girl for MY baby sister.

Those are the moments I've longed for Her Highness to experience.

And before anyone asks... NO. We haven't been "trying for a girl" all this time. We've been trying for a loving, strong, wonderful, silly, super fun, God-fearing FAMILY. And I think we've got just that.


Sara Elizabeth said...


Brittny said...

I am over the moon excited for her!!!! And for you too! She is precious and I love her comments. Priceless!!

The Howell's said...

I love this! I am so excited for all of you!

Holly said...

So cute! Congratulations. Now there will be a little sister in the family!

Cindy said...

I am so excited for y'all Holly, but most especially... I am beyond thrilled for Her Highness. She is precious, and the very best-est big sister EVER! :-)

Rebecca Click said...

Loved this post, Holly! I just read it aloud to my 85 year old mother and she laughed and applauded your family! Precious!