Monday, July 4, 2011

"Wow! You look like the Fourth of July!... Makes me want a hotdog real bad."

~Paulette, Legally Blonde II

I love celebrating July 4th, and all the fun traditions that come along with it. I love visiting with our families, grilling hotdogs with close friends, and dressing our entire families in red, white and blue attire, then holding our sweetly coordinated babies on hand-sewn quilts, while watching fireworks light up the night sky.

Having the freedom and safety to do all of these things is something I often take for granted.

Knowing there are brave men and women who were willing to die for my freedom and safety makes my heart swell with many emotions... Sadness, for their families; Joy, that because of them, me and my monkeys are free; and mostly PRIDE, because their bravery and our freedom is the one thing that makes our Nation simply the best.

The Storm and I left The Meteorologist home for the weekend to catch up on some work (and sleep) and traveled to Cookie & Grandy's house for a mini-reunion with four out of five of our siblings. We ate delicious foods, laughed until we cried, stayed up way past our bedtimes, enjoyed each other's company.. and them ate some more, laughed some more, and cried some more. (The adults from all the laughing... the children from staying up too late.)

Above photograph is missing three grands. Well, technically FIVE more, if you count the two that are in-utero (mine and my sister's, who is due just a little bit before me.) Her Highness is the oldest. By the time the last two arrive, there will have been 16 grandchildren born in 8 years. Can you imagine how much FUN we have all together?? Or the NOISE level??

"Those who would give up some of their liberty in order to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither, liberty nor safety." ~Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Thank-you to ALL our Service Men and Women who continue to fight for our safety and liberty.

As The Storm would say, "Happy For-fa-July!"

Love, The Hudson's


Ashlee said...! Can't wait until our brothers have kiddos...cousins are wonderful! Happy Forf, as TJ would say!

Lindy said...

Looks like you all had a fun weekend! Your momma has some serious "cookie" bragging rights! 16 g'kids under 8! Wow!

Whitney said...

Love this post!!
I wish our family had that many kiddos!
Hope y'all had a great 4th!