Thursday, August 25, 2011

"..I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight. Ohh, back to school.."

~Billy Madison

~Her Highness and Thunder's first day of 3rd and 1st grades.
We've been back in school mode for two weeks. The Hudson Storm lost it's fearless leader between the hours of 7:30-2:30, and I lost my lil' Momma, to the world of structure and sharpened pencils, and walking quietly in straight lines, and square pizza with a side of corn. I'm always sad to see them go at the beginning of each school year. Another milestone to cross of the list. Another grade older, more homework, more spelling tests, and more letting go on my part, is never easy. But along with letting more go, I'm also finding more that I love about the adolescent years.

Her Highness is proving to be a responsible, and loving big sister. And it's even showing in her sensible fashion choices, which is one of the things I'm proudest of at the moment. She's a sweet friend to her classmates, and a big helper to her 3rd grade teacher, who might be her favorite teacher yet. Although, by September, she's said that about each and everyone of the teachers she's had so far. Thunder, who isn't a huge fan of school, is facing each day with a brave face, and going with the flow; even though he would clearly rather be home with his band of brothers, wreaking havoc on the house and our backyard, like Storm's do best. His first grade teacher seems to be a little more organized than I care to be when it comes to homework assignments, and parent initials, and putting worksheets in certain color-coordinated folders. But, then again, in her defense, it's not hard to be more organized than I prefer, since organizational skills are not something I obtain. Nor care to.

One thing the school year brings that I do enjoy is a little more structure to our daily routine. Yes, I love lazy summer mornings by the pool. But our laundry pile and stinky dishes rarely get tended to more than a couple of times a week. School schedules mean I'm up and at 'em a little after five a.m., so it sort of forces me to stay on top of things a tiny bit better. Unless, of course, Lindy calls and wants to meet up for breakfast, then play afterwards, which is absolutely the equivalent of a lazy day spent at the pool, in time spent and the fun that we have.

Lightning (read in his husky voice): Hey Momma, take my pich-a. I'm gonna make a mad face wike Her Highness and say, 'Top takin' so many dumb pich-as MOMMA!'

We were late the very first day. Might as well start the year out right, as to not be putting on airs, ya know? So, Her Highness became very frustrated with me for wanting to snap a few pictures. Lightning thought it was hilarious.

Keeping in theme with the start of a new school year, new school supplies and new schedules, we decided to give all the boys a new hair do. Flash Flood's still too little for a buzz cut from The Meteorologist, so he got to sit in a booster seat at the salon and get a "real" hair cut. I was shocked at how still he sat the entire time. He kept his head down, until the sweet girl cutting his hair would move it one way or another. The only time he spoke was after Her Highness said in her lil' Momma sing-songey voice, "Your being such a big boy! I'm so proud of YOU!" Flash Flood cut his eyes over at her and asked softly, "Whar my hands go?" Her Highness cackled, then sang back, "Under that big boy cape you've got on! So all your hair won't stick to your hands, sweet baby!"

~Flash Flood (20 months old), before and after. He was waaay past due for a good cut. But now he's lost his baby look, and I can't hardly stand it.

Thunder wasn't really supposed to wear that mohawk to school. Earlier in the summer, when I agreed to it, we had a deal that it was a SUMMER ONLY hair do, or rather a "don't." Somehow, he convinced me and Bert to leave it a few days. Actually, he only convinced Bert, who was hoping it would help earn him a little street cred, since he's a lover, not a fighter when it comes to public confrontations. I caved, rolling my eyes. This past weekend though, Barber Bert got a hold of all three big boys and shaved them clean. Some a little cleaner than others...

Bert botched Hail's cut pretty badly, so he had to buzz his entire head with a 1, to get it all even. Lightning began laughing hysterically when he saw it. And immediately calling him Bald-ou, after Hail's favorite cartoon character, Caillou (who for some unexplained reason is a whiny, bald 4-year old).

Lightning refused to heed Bert's warnings to hush, so he got a matching hair cut. But only after Bert gave him a reverse mohawk, and sent him on to take a bath with the rest of the Storm. Lightning waltzed into the bathroom, teased Hail again, which I thought meant he was aware of the hideous job Bert had just done. Hail began to cry again, so I said, "Buddy, look up! Look at Lightning!" Lightning then looked into the mirror, saw where Bert had just shaved straight down the middle, leaving the sides poking out everywhere, and burst into tears screaming, "DADDY! YOU'S DA MEANEST DADDY EV-A! DAT'S SO MEAN!!!" We all got a good laugh at his expense, which was only fair, since he had made his little brother, who is now truly a Caillou look alike, feel so bad. After convincing Lightning that his punishment was going to be a life of sporting such a horrible do, Bert shaved him down evenly. I, for one, love a shaved headed little boy. It's so much easier to deal with. I'm all about a low/no maintenance kinda hair do! Those who see me on a regular basis know how true that statement is.

I hope you all are enjoying August, and getting back in the swing of school/work/everyday life/whatever you're doing today. I've missed blogging recently, and I hope to make more time for it now that we are settling into a routine. Sending sticky hugs and sloppy kisses your way from The Hudson Storm!
Love, Big Momma


Whitney said...

Awww. The pic of Flash Flood and the conversation between Her Higness and him, made me tear up! She is such a sweet little lady! And FF looks like a big boy :*) Wasn't he just born last week??
BTW, thanks for mentioning your smelly dishes, I forgot that I need to run the dishwasher before we leave today. lol.

Robin said...

Love it! School is amazing! My house is clean for the first time in 7 years!

Trace Car Driver said...

AHHHH! personally, i love a little boy with a buzz cut as well. :-) nate cuts trace's on a 1, and lucas gets a 2. thanks for remidning me it's not only time for a haircut, but also that i have a sink full of dirty dishes...

Ashlee said...

I was laughing SO hard, with watery eyes, reading about Barber Bert and the hair cutting! And, I love that Her Highness is such a little sweet! I can't believe she and Thunder are that old...I remember when she was in diapers and he was born!!!

Natalie said...

I think this post may be my favorite one of all! I love it! Thanks for the laugh! :)

LayLadyLay said...

Best post title ever.


tarheelmom said...

Glad you're back to posting...I was wondering where you were! ha Bebe just started back to school and I am missing my little mama,too. She is just like HH, in that sing-songy voice, talking to her brothers and sister. I can't believe how much I've come to rely on her over the summer! Boo - school! Yay - to some order in our lives!