Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rub a dub dub, in Heaven there'll be NO tubs!

Recently, my precious grand-mother was hospitalized then sent to rehab to recover from her third stroke. After explaining to the Storm that Great Granny could use some cheering up, we decided to make Get Well cards. While sitting at the kitchen table, coloring away, Lightning and Hail began asking questions...

Lightning: Is Gweat Gwanny gonna die?
Hail: And go to HEAVEN??
Me: Well, no the doctors don't think she is going to die right now. They think she will get all better and maybe even go home soon.
Lightning: I hope she doesn't die, 'cause den we won't have any mur gweat-gwannies.
Hail: Yeah, and that'll be sad.
Me: But you know, when ever the time comes and she does die, she doesn't want us to be sad. Just like Granny & Papa Scott, Memaw, and Great-Papa don't want us being sad for them because they're all in Heaven together, waiting for us to get there.
Lightning: Yeah, dat's wight. And in Heaven, in Heaven we will be ANGELS and have wings!
Hail: And, and, and we'll NEBER haff to take a baff!
Me: No baths, huh? That would be Heaven for you?
Hail: Yeah, 'cause in Heaven, there'll be NO TUBS!!
Me: Y'all are silly turkeys. What do you want me to help you write on these cards??
Hail: I want you to help me write my name, and that I love hers very much, and that I hope she don't die.
Me: Mmmmm-kay.
Hail: Hey Momma, what if Great-Granny finks I writed all dat stuffs by myself. What if she finks you didn't help me. Just don't tell hers that you helped, okay?
Lightning: No, Hail. It's not nice to twick old peoples. Dey can't help dat they're old.


Kiera said...

That's precious! I just love the things that come out of their mouths. :)

Cindy said...

Those Great Granny lovin', no bath takin', boys of yours are truly precious. <3

The Hills said...

I love to hear the thoughts of little kids...always so insightful, really! Sweet boys!

Brittny said...

love love love!!!!

Haili said...

Cute! So cute!

Hailey @ "Me & My Boys" said...

"No, Hail. It's not nice to twick old peoples. Dey can't help dat they're old."

Shekinah Glory said...

No baths sounds like Heaven to me!