Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Writing on the Wall

Flash Flood loves to "colo." For the most part he's pretty good to stay at the table and color in the designated areas... "PAPA ONWEE!" I make him promise each time he begs for the markers.

Coloring keeps his little mind and hands busy for several minutes at a time. Not much else does. So, I'm usually pretty happy to pull out a coloring book and let him go to town scribbling while I cook dinner/load the dishwasher/start a load of laundry/pee alone. Yesterday I walked back into the kitchen to find this...

Flash Flood, oblivious I was back in the room, jumped out of his skin when I said his name.

Then he did what comes natural to all Storm members, and began to lie like the dickens as the interrogations started...

Me: Did you color on the wall??

Flash Flood: No.

Me: Well, who did??

Flash Flood: Hail.

Me: Are you sure YOU didn't color on that wall??

Flash Flood: Hail did.

Me: I think YOU colored on the wall.

Flash Flood: No.

Me: Are you supposed to color on walls?

Flash Flood: PAPA ONWEE.

Me: So why did you color on the wall??

Flash Flood: No. No. Hail.

Me: Hail did NOT color on the wall. YOU did.

Flash Flood: No.

What can I say?? He comes by it honestly-- Here's the PROOF...

Oh, and this one: "Pray for me."

Then again, you could pretty much read any old post to see the proof.


Kiera said...

OH my goodness girl!!! Look at that face though, how can you get mad. He's just stinkin adorable. That's what Magic Erasers are for, right? :) I"ll have to remember that when my walls get colored on. ha! Love you!

LayLadyLay said...

He must be entering his blue period. :)

The Hills said...

He's got to be the cutest little lier I've ever seen! But, I would say the alone pee time, might just be worth a little writing on the wall ;-)

Whitney said...

Hahaha at LayLadyLay.
And I agree with the others, he's just so stinkin' adorable, how can you be mad? Besides, that's what washable markers were invented for. :P And those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work wonders with markers and crayons!

The Howell's said...

oh boy! He is so cute though! He an AM could have some fun coloring on the walls, just send him over here. I have washable crayons and she's allowed to color on "her" wall in the playroom.

Voice of Reason said...

Thankfully he recently had a haircut, that will make spanking him so much easier.