Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oh, the places you will go, indeed.

 When I wrote that last post, over a year and a half ago, I never intended for that to be my farewell to this blog, my quiet space on the internet, where I've logged many hours recording our (not so) quiet lives.  And yet, I think deep down, I must have known it would be.  So very much has happened over the past nineteen months, and I have missed using this outlet, this journal of sorts, this community shared with all of you.  So, nineteen months later, and in the middle of the night, I'm happy to say, I'm back.  In more ways than one. 

First, I feel the need to reintroduce you to our Storm...

 (From left to right..) Flash Flood (3 1/2) Thunder (8) Hail (almost 6!) Her Highness (TEN!?!) Bitty Princess (20 months) and Lightning (7). I asked them to take one group picture at the beach and this was the best I got.  Just typical.
 Quick shout out to The Meteorologist, who is still an amazing Daddy, and best at predicting and tolerating our Storm's patterns.  He's a hard worker, that guy right there, and I'm so very blessed to have him in my life.

Her Highness made it to DOUBLE DIGITS this year, my number one girl, now a full fledged TWEEN.  I blinked and she was suddenly too cool for me.  Wait, that's not true.  She was born too cool for me. Her Highness is still a fabulous lil' momma in training, and works hard to keep The Storm in line, and keep my sanity in tact.  Can't imagine what I would do without her.  She's a fifth grader this year, and is big into our children's community theater, which tickles me.
 And since this little munchkin never got much air time, here is the Bitty Princess... The calm AFTER our Storm, our sweet baby girl.  The Bitty Princess fits right in, just as we imagined she would.  She rules the roost most days, squawking at her big brothers, mimicking her big sister, who is mostly mimicking me... "GET DOWN.... NO NO NO!... COME HERE WIGHT NOW!" are phrases she bossily throws around.  The child is a stinker pot, who causes her own trouble too.  She makes the cutest identical book end, with her bossy big sissy. It's been fun having baby dolls back in the mix of legos and Tonka trucks, although the Bitty Princess certainly isn't afraid to toss a baby in the back of a Tonka truck, completely covered in dirt. 

 She's our sweet, little GRAND FINALE.  No, I'm serious this time.  Bert and I talked about having kids during our first ever phone conversation. The night he called to ask me out on our first date, we talked nearly three hours.  That was back before texting, and the phone I was using had a cord, something my children will most likely never know of.  During that conversation he told me all about his five year old brother, and how much fun he had with him, and that he knew he wanted to have a house full of kids some day.  I came from a big family, and always knew I wanted at least three, maybe four.  So from the beginning of US, we knew children would be in our future.  But that's where that conversation ended.  We never had the numbers talk until we had the Bitty Princess.  It was then we decided two would be plenty. 

"But, what would we do without them all?" we usually laugh, as we shake our heads in disbelief over the latest destruction caused by our Storm. And they are just that... our perfectly imperfect Storm.

Thunder, is now a THIRD GRADER, which I still find myself telling people is the grade Her Highness is in. It's all starting to run together...  The homework folders, the projects, the spelling tests... Her Highness always acts extremely offended by my mistake, and corrects me immediately, "NO, I'm in FIFTH GRADE, Momma.  THUNDER is in THIRD grade." followed by a loud sigh and eye rolling, which if considered a talent, Her Highness could be the National Champion.

Thunder loves watching football with his Daddy, and trying to make conversation about the players and how the coaches could have handled games differently.  He's still one of my sweeter natured boys, always been more of a lover, not a fighter. He's a wonderful big brother to this brood, and he still likes to cuddle with his ol' Momma while watching movies. He gives the best hugs.  Something I hope he never grows out of. 

Lightning is a first grader, and is loving his second year of school as much as he did his first.  He's a natural friend maker, which is no surprise... Middle children always make the best friends, because we know how to get along with everybody.  :) Lightning, while our most reserved child at home, has surprised us with reports from his teachers saying he's quite the ladies' man at school, and is also outgoing and talkative. I think maybe he just can't get a word in at home, so he lets it all out away from us.  He's got a big heart, that kid.  Makes this momma proud. 

Hail started Kindergarten this year.  And it's going about how we expected... Many mornings he's not too fond of school, and protests from under his covers, "I don't NEED to go anymore.  I already know everything!" Some mornings he hops right up, and gets himself ready, no fuss.  You just never know which side of the bed he'll wake up on.  Hail is still our little monkey, climbing, cartwheeling, rolling, running.... Today, he was given a pedometer at school, and was tickled silly when he realized it would even record cartwheels. So, he did as many cartwheels as he could before he got too dizzy.  He's a stinker pot, and has been since birth.  Truly his Daddy's mini me, in looks and personality. 

And then there's Flash Flood, who is still home with me full time.  I'm thoroughly enjoying having only two at home during the day, and Flash thoroughly enjoys being head honcho too.  He can usually be found with a pile of matchbox cars and his blankie, pretending there is a police chase or that he's a fireman saving people from a burning building.  His full lips and big chocolate eyes get him out of more trouble than I'd like to admit.  He still speaks with a slight lisp, which owns me, except when those full lips and adorable lisp are screaming, "I STHAID I NEED STHOME MIIIIIIIILLLLLLK!!!" Flash Flood loves to compliment others, and will often say, "You's pwetty and bootiful. And I lub your neckalace." That kid, that kid.

And me... I turned 33 this year.  My house is still messy, I still live in denial that I have to cook dinner daily, and I still hold the title for Most Unorganized Mom on the Planet.  This year I battled depression, temper-tantruming children, and a fruit fly infestation. I also moved my best friend/soul sister 847 miles across the country, which I still can't talk about without choking up. All of which I plan to write more about, soon.  Because I'm back.  Ready to find my voice again.  And to journal our family's zany antics, since I don't scrapbook, and my poor two youngest babies won't have any memories in writing. Bless it.

 I've missed you, old blog.


Jenn said...

Bless your heart, you're back.

The Mundies said...

I love it!! I am so glad that you are back and can't wait to read more!

Kate said...

This truly made my week!!! So glad you are back! LYLAS :)

tarheelmom said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I just freaked out when I saw you had updated! I know I'm crazy (good crazy, not creepy crazy), but I've thought of your family several times & wondering when we'd ever hear from you!
Can't wait to see/read about your sweet family again!

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE BACK! YOU'RE BACK! Oh, how I've missed your bloggin'! I love you, sweet sister! <3

Meg Hays said...

Yea!!!!!! I CAN'T say it enough! So glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed a long time ago to realise you must have stopped blogging. Then I remembered I have 1 child and don't know what's for dinner, so mayyyyybe you had some other stuff on!??
So glad to stumble and find you are back, don't let the black dog beat you, I will check in again soon.
PS I'm Australian, we spell some stuff differently, and have a laconic sense of humour. Can't be helped, shouldn't be homogenised, you'll get used to it :)