Monday, September 30, 2013

Popping Tags, Hudson Storm Style

A quick little jam session to get your Monday morning going...

 Why can't I get that to imbed and show a pic of the clip like it's supposed to do with videos?? As you can see, I'm still completely compooter illiterate.  Uggh.  Anyways... Just click the link.

Happy Monday! I won't lie.. Now that I have four kids in school, Monday is almost as good as Friday to me. The noise level goes down 400%.  So, may your Monday be as quiet and (hopefully) peaceful as mine! (I'm raising my coffee mug in a toast to you, sweet friends.)

Love, Big Momma and The Tag Popping Monkeys 


Jenn said...

I can help you with that video if you want.

Still love Hadley dancing on this.

Get rid of that thing that makes you look at crooked letters and blurry stuff to post please.

Does my blog have that? Gross.

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Did it come off? Testing testing... is this thing on??