Friday, July 17, 2009

Silence is NEVER Golden

Hail is nuts. He is a 21 month old who thinks he is five. If he's ever out of my sight, I am constantly calling and asking him to report his wear-abouts....

Me: Where are you?? What are you doin'??

Hail: I dit in tubble! Tubble! I jump on dat bed! Tubble! I jump and jump!

I will hear him laugh and reply, out of breath, from his brothers' room. Technically, it's his room too, but he refuses to sleep in there.

The boy stays in "tubble." He's a climber, part monkey. Sometimes I wonder if Bert lives a double life where his job is protecting the world as SpiderMan. It would explain some things.

Hail's also sneaky. Very quiet when he needs to be.
Fortunately, I have Her Highness to act as my eyes and ears when I'm not in the room. Recently, I was ummm, well, okay, I was on Facebook (my newest hobby) when Her Highness came running into the room,

"Momma, come FAST! This is kinda an emergency! Hurry up!"

Hail was in the dining room, under the table, with a whole tube of Aqua Fresh Kids toothpaste.
A brand new tube was now depleted... covering Hail's face, the rug, and his pajamas. I picked him up immediately, beginning to scold, when he started making this whistling sound while he inhaled. He would breath deeply then say, "Dat HOT, Momma! HOT!" Well, when you swallow that much, I'm sure it is hot!

I checked the back of the tube... "If more than used for brushing is ingested.... Call poison control or contact a physician immediately...."

I contacted one of my BFF's, who is a physician, and said, "Guess what he's eaten now..." And filled her in. We got a laugh out of it by the time it was over, but, in the process learned that too much toothpaste can be quite harmful. We can now add toothpaste to the long list of weird things Hail has decided to try as a snack. Right along with matches, Jet-dry, shampoo, ivory soap, Tide, bugspray, sunscreen, dog/cat food, windex.........the list goes on and on. Someday, instead of warning labels saying, "Contact Poison Control..." It's going to read, "If Poison Control is unavailable, contact Holly, cause if it's possible to ingest it, her kid has."

And since I've outed myself and admitted to being a new Crackbook addict, I would just like to confess that's why I've been slacking in the blogging world. I have so enjoyed "catching up" with folks I haven't seen in 14 years. But, I'm going to have to put a govern on my computer time, just as I do with the kids. I kept hearing friends and family talk about FB, but oh my word, I had no idea how fun it really can be! However, I do think the setup is kinda corny. Why on the "recent activity" section does it have to say, "Holly and so-and-so are NOW friends! and 32 more stories like this..." Okay, and the whole friend request thing is just hilarious. I feel like such a dork asking all these people "Will you be my friend... check yes or no or maybe." One of my good friend's sons (who is 10 years old) was by her computer when he saw my friend request, and that I had actually written "check yes or no" in the comment line (being the smart-alek that I am). He said, "Mom, do adults have to do that too?? I thought just kids asked if you were still friends. I figured by the time you were a grown-up you didn't have to do that anymore."
Still, even with the corny aspects, I'm having fun finding old friends.


Dana said...

The funny thing.. Toothpaste is harmful. Rat poison, not so much. We found that one out with Emma. She got a hold of some at my moms. When I called PC, the lady was like, oh well she might get constipated but it won't hurt her.. Who would have known. Oh, Dramomine, same thing as benedryl. When I called on that one, she told me to enjoy my good nights sleep. But toothpaste, something that you regularly put in your mouth..

And facebook, once you think up everyone that you could ever dream up to find, you'll be able to go back to your life. But, yeah, total time vacuum!

Kristy said...

I love your "Crackbook" nickname. I've been on the thing for over 3 years, and I still have occasional binge sessions. :)

Cindy said...

I refuse to believe that sweet baby ever gets into tubble! He's too dang cute! How could you possibly punish him for anything?! :-)

Nikki McElroy said...

Add Visine to your list of "who knew?" poisons. Trent depleted a bottle one day and I called PC. Thankfully, it was just the artificial tears kind and not the redeye kind that is apparently bad news. I'm assuming that the lotion T drank tonight will just act as a laxative. And don't forget - no grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts or onions for the dog!