Thursday, July 30, 2009

Juicy Juice-- One full serving of fruit, brain cells and humility

Thunder, being the wonderful big brother that he is, has taught Hail many new and interesting things... How to tinkle in public without dropping your pants all the way down to your ankles being at the top of his list. He's also taught him many other things that I truly appreciate, such as some of the colors, animal sounds and how to count (almost) to 20.

The other day Thunder was quizzing Hail on his body parts. Hail loved all the attention he was getting and kept squealing each time Thunder would say, "RIGHT! That's so good! Now, where's your nose?" Hail would point quickly and wait for praise to come from his 4 year old idol.

After several minutes of this, Thunder turns his praise to me. "MOMMA! That's sooo good!" I'm thinking, "Oh, how sweet, he knows we've been working on these things, and that precious child actually recognizes just how busy I am as a Mother and the fact that I can squeeze an anatomy lesson in, while cooking dinner for a family of six, all at the same time... Oh, I'm such a multi-tasker!..." I continue this quick daydream... "I can't wait to brag to his Father that a FOUR YEAR OLD recognizes just how much I do during a typical day...." Thunder interrupts my mid-summer's afternoon dream with, "MOMMA! You've been givin' him JUICY JUICE!!! Just like on that commercial! Good job drinkin' your JUICY JUICE!!!" He then turns and says to Hail, still clapping and squealing at the thought of totally impressing his biggest brother.

If you're wondering what Thunder is referring to, click here, then click on the "Brain Development" ad.
Thanks, Juicy Juice, for keeping me in check.


Alison said...

just stopping by to say hi, Holly! I was also perusing Baby Darling--how cute! Is it your business? I need to get my Paypal self together!

The Hills said...

Way to go Mom!!! Thunder knows more about the benefits of Juicy Juice than me!!! Too cute ;)

Kristy said...

That's just adorable. Seriously.