Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthdays, Babies, Best Friends & Bad Dreams

We've been busy.

Lightning just turned three years old.

He shares his birthday week with Her Highness. Sometimes this is hard for Thunder, as he doesn't understand why they are getting all the attention for an entire week. You see, birthdays last an entire week in our family. Well, cause that's the way it should be.

Thunder is such a sweet brother, but during this week each year, he likes to remind us that it's not fair that Lightning and Her Highness get to have their parties in the summer. He was born in November, so we're limited to indoor activities. Next year, he just may get to share his birthday week with his new baby brother.

Hail loves a party, no matter who it's for.
Her Highness is officially six years old. She's starting to act like it too. She's really into big girl stuff these days. Cliche', but I gotta say it... she is growing up so fast.

Next, we proudly announce the arrival of my BFF- Dixie's newest addition, "Dixie-lee." No, of course those aren't their real names. I'm trying to protect all of those I love, and keep their identities safe... for the sake of my Mother, "Cookie." Dixie-lee arrived this past week, premature and weighing only five pounds. She is an angel doll who the entire Hudson Family already adores. Her Highness informed me on the way home from the hospital that she
is no longer sad she is going to have a baby brother. The conversation went something like this:
Me: Oh, Honey, I'm so glad. You'll love him even if he is a boy. He will still be fun.

Her: Yeah, sure. I'm okay with it. I just wish that he can be as tiny as HER!

Five pounds, folks. Her Highness and her wishes are what got us into this, so I need her to keep future wishes to herself. I tried to explain that all our babies had been in the eight pound range, and Mommy was still intimidated by those chunky monkeys so I would like to have another one that size if at all possible.

Her: Nope. I want a TINY ONE! Five pounds is soooo cute!! Like my baby dolls!

Moving on.... This is a pic of me with my younger sisters. They are twins. No really, they are. And I love being their big sister.

And I'm going to LOVE being the AUNT to a set of TWINS!!! Yep, that's right. My sister, who will be referred to as Kell-Bell (a name I've actually called her forever) is preggers with twins. An ultrasound discovered that for her this past week. They can already tell that the twins are fraternal, just like my sisters. How fun is that???!!

Her Highness loves her aunts, Kell-Bell and Katie-Lee (her nickname has been in the fam for many, many years too.) And loves all the girl time she gets when we are with them and Kell-Bell's daughter, who will barely be two years old when these babies are born!

Hail has been busy preparing to be a big brother. Thanks so much to all my dear friends who have allowed him to hold their sweet babies. He gets very excited when he sees a baby, of any size-- even his own, and squeals over and over, "I wanna hode it! I wanna hode it!" Unfortunately, he doesn't always want to give the baby back. Recently, Hail decided that his turn was not over and squeezed the precious child he was "hoding" so tight that I had to get the jaws of life to pry his chubby little hands off the then screaming baby. I was scolding him, while still trying to set the baby free when Hail remembered the one way to pay me back that trumps all others... "I BITE IT! I BITE IT!" he shrilled with his teeth heading straight towards the baby's legs. I tossed the innocent child to the rightful owner and flung Hail into his bedroom to wait for his whoppin'. And a whoppin' it was cause you just can't do stuff like that. Even if you are only 1 1/2 years old. Props to Maureen for being such a good sport about it all and continuing to be my friend.

Oh, and Kell-Bell, since Hail has had so much practice holding and entertaining babies, I'm happy to inform you that he will be spending the month of January with you once the twins arrive.

This is Hail with Kell-Bell's daughter, who is only three months younger. But, he still insisted he "hode it! HODE IT!!"

I shall end with the following conversation that took place this morning. Bert and I were laughing, errr, I mean sadly discussing all the frogs/lizards/worms our boys have "loved to death" this summer. Just this morning they found a frog who apparently wanted to commit suicide because he trapped himself on our screened-in porch. Between our cats and the kids, I would have to say he truly had a death wish.

Me: Poor thing. Wonder how long it will live?

Bert: Not long. (Hollers to the boys) Just put it in the bushes and let him find his home.

Boys: After MY turn is over you can hold it! No, it's MY turn.


Bert: You know, that's my nightmare... I suddenly become a miniature version of myself and the boys find me.... And want to play with me.

I couldn't quit laughing. It's still funny to me now... Bert, a tiny man, no bigger than a match and the boys, their normal size, noticing their Daddy creeping across the living room floor. Then, fighting over who gets to hold him next. Cramming him into a bug catcher with grass and dirt to eat, like they do all their hostages.
Snicker. Snort.

Oh, that's funny.


Dana said...

Wow, I think I need medication. Every time, I read about her highnesses hopes for the baby, I cry and this one really shouldn't have been all that emotional. Bless her sweet little heart. I will not wish a five pound baby on you though. I'm like you and think they seem tiny enough at a full term weight. The good thing is after the way the boys have grown, I'm sure he will seem quite tiny to her no matter how big he is.

Props to you for saving the tiny infant from being a toddler snack. When Chloe was three months old, a friend's 17 month old, pretending to be giving a hug, bit a chunk out of Chloe's cheek right below her eye. Even though I nor the other mother knew what was going to happen, I really lost sleep over the guilt that I had for virtually put my baby in his mouth. I am glad however that I didn't know why she was letting out such a horrid scream until I had pulled her away because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to control an instant reflex to pop the child to turn him loose and with the mother being a non spanking parent, that would have probably not gone over well. It wasn't that the incident happened. Lord knows my children have done such things have horrified me and the only worse than my children getting hurt is them hurting another child. but, more the fact that the other mother didn't think that a 17 month old was old enough to be reprimanded in any way. And I knew that my children would have also taken a trip to the bedroom for a stern learning opportunity. Anyway, sorry about the rambling. Guess that brought up some raw emotions.

I do have such a problem learning out to incorporate lives with families that have such different parenting philosophies than we do. Have you encountered this problem? It is so hard for me. I am beginning to meet more and more people that don't believe in "spanking" and they seriously believe that "spanking" is abuse and I find that effecting how I parent and I just don't like that.. Wow, maybe I should do a post on this instead of making my post on your blog.. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts on this if you've had them!

Dixie said...

LOVE this blog! I am dying laughing at Bert's nightmare, that is so hilarious to think about. Thanks for the shout out to us (Dixie and Dixie Lee) and I must brag on the Storm,for being seriously little angels when they came to visit,and Hail graciously passed her off after his turn was over, sweet little boy. I do not wish that you have a baby the size of Dixie Lee, sorry Her Highness,
1. they are a little more high maintenance and you have too many for that 2. for his own survival he needs some extra fat! ha! Congrats to Kell-Bell, can't wait to see her precious twins, oh and Kell-Bell junior is so big, like as big as Hank and it is hilarious he is holding her in his lap. ha! He will probably forever be protective of his "little" cousin!

Okay, I have written a novel!
Thanks for the blog!
Love, Dixie

Holly said...

Girl I hear ya on the whole spankin' thing. Okay, we both should do a post on this cause it does bug the stew out of me. I have one friend who doesn't spank, but she is very consistent with her punishments so she still has well behaved kids. Oh, and they are the mildest and calmest kids I've ever been around, by nature, so it's not the parenting here, it's that time-outs work with her kids. NOT SO with mine. She cringes everytime I spank (in the bathroom) at a playdate and I'm like, "it's the only thing that works with MY kids." I used to worry that someone would see me spanking in public and call DHR. But one of my BFF's is a doc and she said there is NOTHING wrong with spanking your child the right way. (On their butts.) And, since DHR is so backed up, they don't have time to investigate my child's temper-tantrum and my reaction to it. So, now I beat away! :-) It does light my fire to hear others talk about how wrong I am for doing it though. Okay, yes... a post in the near future on this subject is coming......

Katie Hill said...


I am in love with your blog! Liz and Maggie (Celia's girls) sent it to me and I have enjoyed reading each and every post! You have a beautiful family! I can't believe your sisters are old enough to have children..they should still be children themselves!!! Please tell your mother I said hello. We (my sisters) still talk about our visits with your family many many years ago! Keep up the good work!

Katie (Oldham) Hill

Kiera said...

You're so funny!!! I know your parents might have a bigger house having 5 kiddos... But I think they might need to invest in something a bit larger for all the family gatherings... Yay for Kell-Bell that's awesome! I'm sure she's thrilled!! That's awesome and maybe that means more girls for Lucy without the drama at your house! ;) So fun! can't wait to hear more about! Excited to hear what new baby Hudson's name is going to be! :) Love you!

Holly said...

Yea, Katie!! Welcome to the insanity.

No joke, my mom and I were just talking about your family yesterday and how much fun we always had. She was writing a letter to your mom (snail mail, can you imagine??) And so that got us on the subject of you girls. We always had soooo much fun at your farm. What good memories. Hope you all are doing great! Take care.

McKinney Madness said...

Wow, I'd say you guys have been very busy!! I didn't even know your daughter was married with a child, much less pregnant with twins!! Aren't they still supposed to be 17? I'm so glad Her Highness is adjusting well to the baby boy on the way, and I had no idea that Dixie was having another little one! I'm totally behind on the times!! Thanks for another funny blog!!

Cindy said...

I just love reading all about the Storm and Her Highness. They always make me smile and laugh out loud! I have to say that my favorite part of this post is the picture of little hail in his shades and nappy! Too dang cute! It was also funny seeing him "hode" a "baby" that actually looks like she may be bigger than him. So sweet! Can't wait for the next post!