Monday, March 1, 2010

Grab a tissue, and hug your children extra tight.

A friend of mine sent something to me this morning that has broken my heart, completely in two. In a world where there are so many suffering, I seem to be wrapped tightly in a bubble, where my biggest complaint is my children who won't sleep through the night.

Reminders such as these hurt. Reminders such as these force me into self-reflection.

I can change. I can do better. And for the sake of Mommas all over the world, who are suffering like Layla Grace's, I will change and do better.

Please take just a moment to read their story, and then pray.

The words in this post are so touching:


Trace Car Driver said...

that sweet baby girl has so many people praying for her. i'm praying for no pain and that her end will come quickly and peacefully. i heard about her last week and read her story. W-O-W.
you are so right holly, makes me determined to be a better mommy!

L Rukes said...

Holly -

We've never met, but have a common connection through Kate. I admittedly have 'blogstalked' your blog for a while now and seriously think you should start a regular newspaper column. Your stories are absolutely hilarious and I'm impressed by your 'Momma' ability just about every day.

Today, however, I needed more tissues than usual. This is so touching and with a daughter the same age as Layla just makes it even that much more heartbreaking. What a hard dose of reality to hear about the horrors that this poor family is going through. Here I am blogging about my potty training and feeling a little 'ugh' about having to get up in the middle of the night because the 'bug' came through our house - how shallow does all of that seem??!?

Thanks for sharing this. Its soo good for all of us to get a grip sometimes. I'll definitely be giving my little one extra hugs tonight!!

The Hills said...

How amazing is little Layla's mom?! I can't imagine having that much poise and grace at such a horrific time! I pray for their entire family and for the rest of Layla's life to be pain free! I too will and can be a better mommy...lord willing, for a very long time! Hugs to your kids and TJ will be getting extra squeezes in today!

Kiera said...

I got your email about this and totally cried my eyes out. Seriously I was in the sobbing cry!! (and I"m at work...) This just totally breaks my heart and makes my "hard" week of virus seem like NOTHING!!! Glad you shared! Love you!

Dixie said...

That sweet little baby! Her parents are SO strong, what a testament to their faith. They will definitely be in my prayers!

Thanks for sharing, I could learn so many lessons from them!
Love, L