Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seriously, Barbie??

Okay, so I've had some issues with Barbie and her "I Can Be..." campaign in the past.
Click on each of these pics to view their commercials. Pay close attention to their snazzy, catchy jingles. Seriously.

I really think this new ad campaign is a bit ridiculous. Look, Barbie, if you want boys to play with you, you're going to have to take this whole gross bit to an even higher level. I will admit, your poo-poo in the potty pack and puppy dogs that squirt pee on the carpet have caught The Storm's attention. However, at this point they are still just laughing at your product. If you really want them to beg for me to purchase it, you need to create "Barbie I Can Be... A School Janitor" and include a Kelly doll that projectile vomits from her desk. Or, maybe you could do a line of "Barbie I Can Be.... An ENT" and include a Kelly doll that squirts buckets of snot from her nose, who needs surgery to have tubes placed in her ears. In that pack you would also need to include a miniature scalpel and scar tissue stickers.

Then again, those two jobs may be a bit too ambitious for Barbie and our future female leaders, since you obviously don't want them to think they can be much more than a dog walker or babysitter.



Shekinah Glory said...

Why do you expect Kellys to do all the yucky stuff??

Dixie said...

I am cracking up at the dog who is lifting his leg on the pee pee pad. These barbies are so unreal, you would never be able to get a girl who looked like that to watch your dog, she would be like "as if!" Also,I would never ever hire a babysitter that looked that good,for more reasons than one, and the main one would be jealousy! ha!

Holly said...

Because ALL the Kelly's I know are gross. Especially this ONE, who is also my little sister. So, does that make ME Barbie??