Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Her Highness likes to move it, move it.

Warning: Motion Sickness inducing video. Viewer watches at his/her own risk.

Her Highness' school had a dance off the last day of school. The entire school performed. This was the first grade's performance. Her Highness is third from the left on the front row.

I sincerely apologize for the sorry camera work. I'm hint droppin' like its hot, but so far no one's gotten the message... ALL I REALLY WANT FOR MY UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS/CHRISTMAS/MOTHERSDAY/10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY/ ETC IS A NEW CAMERA... A BIG GIRL- MOMMY CAMERA... THAT TAKES GREAT PICS AND SHOOTS SHORT, DECENT VIDEOS.

Hmmmm, maybe that will help.

Happy Summer, y'all!


Brittny said...

sign that girl up for dance!!! sophie just started dancing too! so funny!

brooke said...

Man, she doesn't miss a step does she? So who does she get her natural dance abilities from? Such a cute video!!

Dixie said...

This is the cutest video ever! Seriously, Her Highness has dance line, tiger paw, etc. in her future! That girl can move it, move it, and is super cute too!

Barb Smith said...

Just like her Mama!!!