Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Hey, Momma. Pull my finger."

...If I had a nickel for every time I heard those words.

The Storm has made it an art form, nearly. The timing has to be just right, and for those crazy boys, it always is. Hail, who lives to impress both Thunder and Lightning and refuses to be outdone, has recently mastered this trick.

One morning, proud as punch, Hail waltzed across the room to Bert and said grinning, "Hey, Daddy. Pull my finger." Bert pulled, to no avail. Hail refused to be seen as a failure and continued with his performance, realizing almost too late that he might be trying too hard, he squealed, "Daddy, stop pulling my finger! Poo-poo's gonna come out!!!"
And off to the bathroom he ran.

The child is a nut.
And a smart butt too.
Then again, he is his father's son.

All of our children have learned, if you want to get Momma fired up, just demand a drink/snack/etc and say it with an ugly tone. I immediately make them apologize and repeat their request using manners and respect. Hail is still learning that "GET ME SOME CHOCOLATE MILK PLEASE!" does not qualify as using manners or respect. Recently, while correcting his tone, I had him repeat after me....

Me: Ummm, you can try that again in a sweet tone with manners, Sir!
Me: Try again.
Hail: Well, I said pwease.
Me: Let's try this, "Momma, please could you get me a drink?"
Hail: Momma, pwease you can get me a dink?
Me, expecting him to continuing repeating: And, "I'm sorry."
Hail: Dat's okay, Momma. You not have to be sorry. You just get me a dink, now, 'kay?

Oh, my... Life in the peanut gallery.


Kiera said...

DYING laughing right now!! Hail is stinkin adorable and looks 5 in that picture. Make him stop!! :) Hope to get to see yall soon. Will be calling soon! :) Love you

brookehenn said...

haha! sounds exactly like noah! love it!

Dixie said...

Bet you've never seen a little boy look so cute while saying, pull my finger. ha! I feel your pain when it comes to tolerating the demands of a 2yr. old. I am so tired of hearing the phrase "get me!" I can't wait until he can fix his own drink, then I will be saying, L, get me a drink, now!

Trace Car Driver said...

HIALRIOUS! my boys don't know the pull my finger trick... YET :) i'm sure it's only a matter of time!

but trace does have a smart mouth, it is something we are def working on! you aren't in that struggle alone!

Whitney said...

My nephew, "Booger", is almost 21 months and he says, "I want" and "get that". LOL. So cute, but very demanding! You never know what kids are gonna say next!