Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is MY life. The life I chose.

There are quite a few reasons for my lack of blog posts lately, none of which are very exciting. In computer years, my computer is almost as old as my sweet Granny. I think computers age the same rate as dogs. Actually, much quicker. It seems like every time I purchase a piece of technology, it's outdated before I even get out of the store. So, my huge honkin' Dell desktop, that we bought when Her Highness and Thunder were itty bitties, is now a dinosaur that has a mind of it's own. Many times, blogging is not what my dinosaur has on it's mind, so out of frustration, I turn the thing off and go back to the laundry pile. But tonight, I decided to give the old com-pooter a try, and she decided to cooperate. Yippee-skippee.

Other reasons for fewer posts include, but are not limited to: staph infection(s), bladder infection, random fever virus, stomach bug, ear infection(s), baby cutting SIX teeth at the same time, strep throat, croup, croup, croup and CROUP. And no, I'm actually not throwing a pity party this time. These are just the facts. And, with each mention of illness stated above, aside from the bladder infection and teeth cutting, each illness infected two or more family members at a time. This is what happens when you live in a daycare center. And in all honesty, it really hasn't been that bad. Just time consuming. And as always, there are moments each day when I have to remind myself, "This is my life. The life I chose." Trying to wrestle three wild boys, to squirt bitter antibiotics down their throats, along with giving steroids and breathing treatments, plus trying to remember what time and who got Motrin last is enough to drive even the most organized mother insane. And we all know that I was never that mother in the first place.
Even with our plague, we've celebrated a couple more birthdays, enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, and decked our halls with boughs of Mommy, as The Storm loves to sing. You know, since their Mommy is named HOLLY. Totally off the subject for a moment, which, I'm not really all that sure that there ever was a true subject for this post, but anyway.... If I had a nickel for every time I was asked if I was born at Christmastime, well, I'd have about 15 cents. But that's not the point... One of the times I was asked that, I was in the grocery store and noticed the check-out girl's name tag said "Holly." So, I said, "Hey, I'm a Holly too!" And she goes, "Awww, you must be a Christmas baby!" And I'm like, "Nope, August. Summer baby." Confused, she asked, "Then, why would your parents name you Holly??"

It seriously took a moment to figure out what she was talking about. I mean, perhaps if we were discussing the name Noel. But, Holly??

And now, this post is going to take another random turn, but I have to include this...

Bert just walked in and stood over my shoulder for a moment, reading the paragraph I was typing. Afterwards, the following conversation took place:
Bert: Holly is kind of a funny name for you. You know, you really don't look like a Holly.
Me: Oh, really. Well, who do I look like then, BERT.
(Sarcastic emphasis on his name. We've had many a discussion on that one. Bert. BERT?? Does he really have much room to discuss names here?)
Bert: I don't know, Megan? Or a Tracy. Oh, or a Nicole!

Sigh. This is my life. The life I chose.

So, to settle this little debate, we'll let you decide. If not Holly, who do I look like??

Does this look like the face of a MEGAN??


Where was I??
Oh, Croup. I always (wrongly) assumed it was a pediatric illness. Did you know adults can catch it?? I didn't either. But, I'm here to tell ya, you can and it stinks. I'm still raspy like Bea Arthur, and checking to see if a lung hit the floor with each coughing fit, but I'm feeling much, much better. Thanks for asking.
And if you do indeed find yourself barking like a seal, running a fever, and begging your six year old for a hit off his nebulizer, chances are, it's croup. Fun times. And if you do have croup (while you are still on antibiotics for strep throat, that you had exactly one week prior) and your husband is left in charge of the children, and all the grocery shopping, chances are, your kids will be seen in public in outfits such as these:

These pictures really don't do those two justice. Okay, so the one of Hail might. But, that's DIRT on Lightning's head. And he has on pajama pants. These pictures were taken AFTER they ran several errands with Bert.

And, if you do indeed find yourself sick with croup, while trying to recover from strep throat at the same time, you may grow very sick and tired of being sick and tired, and try to find other way to pass the time... such as creating a photo journal with your iphone. One that you title:

A Couch-ridden Mom's Eye View

In closing, to keep the theme of totally unrelated randomness going, I shall leave you with a note we found on Her Highness' door. It reads: do not nock on the door inless emerginsee or we are going to do something FUN!

Same goes for me.
Love Always, Holly-Megan-Tracy-Nicole-Big Momma


The Hills said...

Glad you all are starting to recover! I think Holly suits you just fine...I do like the name Megan though...
Tracy, no.
Nicole, definitely no.

stark. raving. mad. mommy. said...

The pic with the hat looks like it's from a Very Special Episode of Blossom. So cute.

Mel Ford said...

So, here's a fun fact for you: I was originally supposed to be a Holly. A few days before my birth my dad decided he didn't like that name for me. So they scrambled to come up with Melody. Each time I tell that story, I have people tell me I don't really seem like a Holly to them. So, the bigger question may be, does anyone actually seem like a Holly? I like the name Superwoman for fits you. :-)

Meg said...

LOL! I am loving it! I don't mind sharing my name with you - Meghan Nicole! Can't believe he used them both! I was secretly glad to get rid of the Nicole part when I got married. Sorry to hear you guys have been so sick. We have thankfully been pretty well so far this winter.....knock on wood! (Now we will all become deathly ill - way to go Meg!) Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!

Trace Car Driver said...

ohhh. sorry ya'll have been so sick. def been missing your blog posts, but now i see what you've been away. wow. reminds me of the first 5 weeks after i had lucas- i had strep TWICE, high blood pressure that almost landed me in the hospital, microplasma for walking pneumonia, and a yeast infection. yes, that was the life i chose. well, not so much. but you know! :))
glad to hear some of you are on the mend... hope those germs get out of your house so you can get ready for christmas! (and btw, even when you are sick, you are still hilarious and brightened my day!)

tarheelmom said...

Dear Megan,
I must apologize for laughing at your illnesses post. I am smiling and laughing...the "bless your heart" kind, of course. We are currently dealing with some staph of our own. Too bad our day cares don't close for the holidays and give us a chance to rest! Here's to good health (and much humor)in the days to come!

mallory said...

Looks like you and I had the same type of week. I am so thankful I didn't OD any of mine on motrin. My 4 yr old actually stopped me, as she came out of the bathroom, because I was trying to get her to take another dose. Apparantly, I had given her the dose before she went it the bathroom. In my defense, she does takes forever in the bathroom.
As far as your name...I am thinking JWow from your glamour shots. Love mom never let me do those and I so wanted too.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

This was so funny (I'm sorry too for laughing at your calamaties, but your optimisim shines through!) and made me smile! Sounds like you have indeed had some rough mornings with your clan. Chasing kids with biotics is NEVER fun. And I had no idea grownups could get croup! Something new I can be thankful that we haven't gotten lately! lol
Hang in there Mama! (And Holly suits you just fine. Then again, my name is Charlie, and I'm a girl, so my vote may be moot. ;)

The Henderson Family said...

So glad you updated! The sign is AWESOME! And Holly the name does not remind me of Christmas all the time. You are right - Noel, sure. In fact, I didn't get the Deck the Halls thing he was singing until you reminded us that you are Holly!

Jamie said...

Hey Holly!! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! That was such a sweet story and I really appreciate you sharing it!! Wish we could hang out sometime!!! Miss you much!!!

Lindy said...

I'm sorry you've been sick as a dog! However, it made for a great post! I love the pictures of the big brothers cuddling with little Buddy! Her Highness did great on her door sign! Emerginsee is a big word! Last, I am voting Nichole, definitely Nichole!

Shekinah Glory said...

You know, I bet your name is connected with Christmas... to be born in early August, SOMETHING had to take place around the holiday season...

Dana said...

Well, if we're going with the pictures I would go with: DJ as in Tanner. Debbie as in Gibson. And Tiffany.. What is her last name anyway?

But, for now I'll say, you're the Holly that I love.. I wouldn't change it for anything.. Though, I could definitely leave the croup!

Mandy in Wonderland said...

Love the glamor shots! Takes me back Tracy, I mean Holly!! I wish we were closer, I haven't been feeling so well, I would love a hit of that breathing treatment!!