Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Hud-SONS, Building Self-Confidence Part II

From the living room, Thunder called out excitedly, "MOMMA! MOMMA!! You've GOT to come see this! HURRY! HURRY!" Fully expecting to see another commercial for the newest Leggo creation that would need to be added to his Santa wish list, I walked in to find the following commercial blaring....

Proudly, Thunder beamed up at me, "SEE! I just knew you would want to see this! Keep watching, Momma. Seerightthere! You'll NEVER have harry arms and legs again! And you won't even have to shave anymore! You can just spray that magic spray, and your arms, legs, and face will ALL be smooth! SEE!!"

Each time he squealed, "SEE!" he was pointing to a MAN'S hairy body part being shown.

Lightning added to the conversation, "Yeah, Momma, you probably don't need it for yur nipples wike dat mans, but you could use dat for yur wegs... and yur arms... and yur arm pits... and yur CHIN!" Thunder was listening intently, nodding to everything Lightning was saying.

Glaring at them both, I asked, "Have y'all SEEN my face with hair on it?? EVER?? LOOK AT MY CHIN!! Do you see ANY HAIR ON IT??"

Exchanging glances that clearly said I was the crazy one, Thunder said, "And it's only ten bucks, Momma! You really should give it a try." Lightning nodded in agreement.

We really must take our Building Self-Confidence show on the road. Let me know if your church would like to feature us at the next Ladies Day Luncheon. In the world we're living in, thick skin is a must.


The Hills said...

I must have missed the Shake Weight post...or maybe I just forgot!!! But, TJ is the SAME way...E.V.E.R.Y. time that commercial comes on, TJ shouts..."Mom!!!! You need this for your arms!!! For real, you do!" I'm thinking of teaching him to lie ;)

Brittny said...