Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Sing praises to His name; HE forgets not His own."

We have been so blessed, and have so much to be thankful for...

-Our five (almost six) silly turkeys;
-Surviving ten years of marriage with the Father of those turkeys, who is also a loving and playful Dad;
-Having a close relationship with both my parents and all my siblings, who I'm very fortunate to still have here, even if we all live far apart;
-A best friend who loves me and my nutty children, despite my grumpiness lately;
-A group of girlfriends who always know how to make me laugh and keep things in perspective;
-My sweet, precious Granny, who has been a wonderful example to everyone who is fortunate enough to know her;
-A safe school system, where the principals love all the students and are truly passionate about education;
-Freedom to live for God and worship openly, without the worry of persecution;
-Good health, a roof over our heads, plenty of food and clothing;
-And of course, all of YOU;

... Just to name a few.

I hope this Thanksgiving finds you all well, happy and healthy.

Happy Turkey Day!!
Love, Big Momma

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Because lately blogging has become a pain in my butt... Literally.

In the last few months, I haven't blogged as much as I would like. Life, busy schedules, and exhaustion have all gotten in the way. That, and my tailbone hurts too bad to sit down for very long. Which means no hard desk chair for me. Which means I have to blog from my phone. Which means thumb typing with my swollen, chubby thumbs. Which means thumb cramps. Which means... Okay, I'll stop.

For real though, my butt hurts. I have to stretch like a cat periodically, to loosen up the ligaments. Or is it to tighten them?? I can't remember exactly what the doc said about why it hurts so bad. It just does. My sciatic (sp?) nerve is giving me trouble too. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy. And I hate when people do nothing but whine while pregnant, which is another reason I've avoided blogging lately.

I've tried to jot down all the funny moments and sweet memories, hoping to get them all posted. But I kept losing the little scraps of paper I was writing on, and the ones I have found, I can't remember what the abbreviations are for, or who said what. For example:

"Store-- L and T fighting-- Fist hungry for justice."

Underneath that note would be half a grocery list: "eggs, butter, chocolate chips, tp, PB, Tums, razors" and then another note:

"H hugging F for doing good job."

I suffer severly with Mom-nesia. Blogging has been the only way for me to preserve our family's memories. And lately, since I haven't been doing it regularly, I'm afraid I've lost some good ones.


Such is life.

I'll dig my big girl panties out of the drawer soon and quit fussing so much. (They're the only ones that fit right now anyway.)
Until then, I'll be comatose on the couch or stretching like a kitty. Good times.

Sending you sticky hugs and sloppy kisses!
~Big Momma