Friday, July 29, 2011

"Avoidance, that is the first lesson in self-defense."

~Steve Geller, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

I have confessed before, our house stays a complete and total wreck much of the time. Occasionally, I'll get the energy and desire to clean it. Five minutes later, the mess returns. The kids hate cleaning, as much as I do, and will do nearly anything to get out of it.

Me: All right, everybody get in here RIGHT NOW and start picking up.... HELLO?? Turn the TV off and get to work... Guys?? NOW!!

Her Highness, quickly grabs a calculator off the kitchen counter: Awww, come on Momma!! I was hoping to do some Math problems!

Same song different day....

Me: Get out back and start cleaning that porch off right now. I want all the toys, food wrappers, cups, shirts, shoes, EVERYTHING cleaned up and put away... and I want y'all to sweep it off. Got it??

The Storm (on their way out the door): grumble, grumble, grumble... It's not fair... It's hot... I hate cleaning...

A few minutes later--

Neighbor Kid: Hey! Can y'all come over and play??

Thunder, enthusiastically: Well, we're cleaning our porch right now. It's really FUN. Wanna come help??

All I can say to that is, I have taught you well, young grasshoppers.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tickled PINK

To say Her Highness is excited about finally having a baby SISTER would be a huge understatement. More like, beside herself. The child has been praying for a baby sister, after all, for nearly four years. I have two sisters, and I know what a strong bond we share. So I am thrilled for Her Highness to be able to experience life with a Bitty Princess along her side.

The moment Thunder announced, "It's a GIRL!" we all started squealing and screaming. I was just so surprised to see the word "girl" written on the card Her Highness had designed for the special occasion.

The back of the card read, "Ethier way, well love a boy or a girl!"

And it's true... "Ethier" way, we would have loved a boy or a girl. But for Her Highness' sake, I am thrilled she's finally getting a sister.

Her Highness spent the first couple of days in complete shock. Randomly, she would come up and hug me and say, "Momma, I never saw it coming! I just can't believe it! I never even saw it coming!"

Other quotes from Her Highness...

"YES! Now I've got somebody I can train!"

"Can you buy us matching sundresses and headbands?!"


"Can we name her Bridgette?... Victoria?... Kat?...." (All after some of her favorite Disney and Nickelodeon stars.)

"I'm SO HAPPY we are finally getting another QUIET GIRL in this house!" (said when The Storm was competing in a loud wrestling match in the middle of our living room, while she was trying to watch tv.)

"Momma, would you have screamed that loud if that card had said B-O-Y?" To which I honestly replied, "Well, no. But, only because I wouldn't have been as surprised if it had been a boy. I was expecting it to say boy. But, I would have loved another little boy just as much!"

And my most favorite was last night, when Her Highness and I were watching a "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon on TLC, our Friday night ritual. There was an older sister who teared up at the sight of her baby sister trying on wedding gowns. Her Highness said, "That's gonna be me with my sister when it's her turn to finally get married.... Hey, I bet my little girl will be her flower girl someday!" I teared up then, because MY little girl had once been the flower girl for MY baby sister.

Those are the moments I've longed for Her Highness to experience.

And before anyone asks... NO. We haven't been "trying for a girl" all this time. We've been trying for a loving, strong, wonderful, silly, super fun, God-fearing FAMILY. And I think we've got just that.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well, color me PINK...

Our ultrasound appointment went well this afternoon. Everything with Half-Dozen Hudson looks great. Bert and I were elated to learn all the baby's organs were healthy, and growing right on schedule. Just like last time, we asked the ultrasound tech to write down the baby's gender and seal it in an envelope, to be opened later when Her Highness and The Storm were present.

The moment we walked in the door, all the kids immediately swarmed us for the envelope. Thunder had the honor of reading the results this time....

Her Highness was on the phone with my Momma, Cookie, giving a play by play...

We immediately started SCREAMING AND SQUEALING....

...because we were all in disbelief!

Her Highness is finally getting a baby SISTER!! Another Princess to join our Storm!!!

And Flash Flood was all, "Wait... What?? I'm not going to be the baby anymore??"

We are so excited. In shock, really. What in the world will we do with a baby GIRL after all these boys??!! We're just thrilled SHE'S healthy.

Hudson Half-Dozen Predictions

We have an ultrasound appointment scheduled for later this afternoon. Seeing our precious baby, hearing the heartbeat, and hopefully finding out if we're getting another Princess or Storm Member are all reasons for us to be super excited this morning. No matter how many times you do it, it's still just as fun as the first time. When The Storm woke up this morning, I took a quick poll to see what they all thought. Here are the results....

Please excuse the quality of the video. Using my phone is much easier and quicker to upload than our actual video camera because my dinosaur com-pooter doesn't like updated technology. Hopefully we'll be back later today with news!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Marilyn Monroe meets Mary Katherine Gallagher

It's summer in the south. Daily temperatures are reaching the upper 90's with heat indexes of 105 (in the shade) and humidity levels are hovering at 60%.

Every time a door gets opened in our house, even if it's shut immediately, our air-conditioning unit cuts on, trying it's best to combat the cloud of heat and humidity that's just been let in by a Storm member, no doubt, along with at least three more flies.

Being outside for more than five minutes will gives your skin the same results as a facial.

Swimming between the hours of 11-4 isn't even an option because everyone agrees, including the children, it's just too hot to swim. And if we don't get a daily rain shower, the pool feels like bath water by the evening, and who wants to swim in that??

Along with the heat brings wardrobe challenges. I don't want any more layers than are absolutely necessary clinging to my half-heat stroked body. So that means the lighter, more flowy the dress, the better. Especially on Sunday mornings, when I'm having to chase/carry/drag our little Storm, and all their necessities into the church building.

Just walking from the parking lot to the building, toting Hail or Flash Flood on my hip (because one or both are usually shoeless) and a giant diaper bag stocked to the brim with crayons, books, toys that don't make (much) noise, snacks, sippy cups, Flash Flood's blankie(s), diapers, wipes, more snacks, and more toys, and of course our Bible, can cause heat exhaustion.

It's often said that "southern women don't sweat, they glisten." Well, that's not entirely true. Because I sweat. Like a boy. And feeling sweat drip down your back is never fun. Especially when you're in a place like church, where you're not supposed to sweat. Unless you've got something to be worried about. Ahem.

For these reasons, I've always appreciated that our church building's thermostat is kept very low. The unit runs non-stop during operating hours. And for me, that's a good thing. Or it was. Until this past Sunday...

The sermon hadn't even begun when Flash Flood had out worn his welcome in "Big Church" as the Storm refers to it. He'd already flipped through every board book, scribbled on several coloring pages (and hymnal pages), and munched on all the pretzels his tummy could handle. During a scripture reading, Flash Flood squealed repeatedly, "I wanna PWAY! PWAY! I WANNA PWAY WIF KAY! Gooooo! Pway wif Kay, pwease?! PWEASE! PWAY!! GOOOO!" (Kay is what Flash Flood calls his girlfriend, and he knew she was in the nursery playing.)

I quickly gathered the squealer, and his blankie, threw him up on my hip and tried to exit the pew before anymore pleas interrupted fellow worshipers. As I stepped into the aisle, I felt a cool breeze, and remembered all too late that a floor vent was blowing, full blast. My dress flew up, Marilyn Monroe style. Though I'm certain I looked much more like Mary Katherine Gallagher as I awkwardly tried to push my dress back over my four month pregnant body (and maternity panties), all while holding on to a squealing 1 1/2 year old.

I threw Flash Flood through the nursery drop-off window to be with his true love, Kay, then ran to the bathroom, where I had a good belly laugh at my own expense. And the expense of other's breakfasts, which were probably all on the verge of coming back up.

I nearly went forward at the end of the sermon, to issue a public apology to all who were unfortunate enough to witness my Marilyn Monroe/Mary Katherine Gallagher crisis.

Embarrassing moments... The story of my life.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What in the world??

I'm com-pooter illiterate. Anybody know what's up with my design? Why is my sidebar suddenly down out the bottom of all my posts?? I didn't touch it. And when I view it from the Design Elements page, where you can click and drag things into the place you want them, it shows everything normal like it's supposed to be. Somebody HEEEEELLLLPPP me. I'm clueless. Uggggh.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Siblings are a gift.

After my Domestic Enemies of the Large Family post appeared on Rants From Mommyland Tuesday morning, I received a very sweet e-mail from a reader who wanted to know some reasons for wanting such a large family. She wrote, "You said, 'Siblings are a gift.' I don't have the best relationship with my brother, neither does my husband, nor do many of my friends. So, I have always wanted one child, can you explain more why siblings are a blessing?" -C., Kansas City

I'll be honest... I haven't replied to her yet because lately, my children have been behaving much like a mix of the cast from Jackass AND Jersey Shore. (photo credit:


Maybe it's this blasted southern summer heat. Maybe it's the upcoming full moon. Maybe they're all teething. Maybe it's the fact that even though I'm in my second trimester, my energy still hasn't returned, so I've been spending much of the day laying on the couch, ignoring The Storm to the best of my ability. Whatever the reason, they've done nothing but fuss, fight and tattle on one another for nearly two weeks straight.

And I'm not talking about little sissy type fighting either. With The Storm, it's nothing less than knock down-drag out-don't stop until somebody has a black eye- type of fighting. Mike Tyson would be impressed with some of their moves, as well as their ability to incorporate a cheap-shot-bite from the bottom of the pile.

As if the all out brawls weren't enough, the tattling is seriously about to push me over the edge...

Storm Member (pick any member, THEY ALL do it): "MOOOOOMMMMMMAAAAAA!!! He/She's looking at me... touching me...breathing too loud... touching my stuff... changing the channel and I was watching a show!... ate the last granola bar... keeps copying everything I say... HIT ME... said she's the BOSS!"

Me (eyes rolling): "He/She CAN look at you... go outside and play and he can't touch you... Sorry, he has to breathe... Stop touching each other's stuff. And besides, it's not YOUR stuff, it's MINE. I paid for it all... Turn the tv OFF!... We can buy more at the store, just find another snack!... Ignore her... Good. Go tell him to hit you again.... Who cares if she said that! I'm the ONLY BOSS, and that's all that matters."

All. Day. Long.

That last one is usually followed by, "But... You're not the boss of God!"


And, since we're all home this summer, the house has stayed in a permanent state of disarray. Oh, who am I kidding... It's always that way. But lately, it's gotten worse. Which I didn't think possible.

Trying to investigate the crime scene to learn who is the guilty party for the messy living room/fight/spilled apple juice that no one bothered to tell me about until it was as sticky as super glue/etc is about as effective as questioning Casey Anthony...

Me: "Who spilled this entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and left it here for Flash Flood to stomp on and throw like confetti??"

The Storm: "Not ME! I think Thunder did it!".... "Na-ah! I did NOT! Lightning did it!".... "NOT ME!!"

Four minutes after sweeping up a wasted box of cereal....

Hail: "MOOOOMMMMMAAAA! Thunder punched me in the tummy!"

Thunder: "Well, well, well.... HE TORE UP MY LEGO SHIP!! And I had been working on it all morning! And he did it on PURPOSE!!"

Me: "Hail, did you tear up the ship he worked so hard on??"

Hail: "Ummm, no. I did not. I was just pwaying in my room for a minute. And den, ummm... well, den I accidentawee dropped my toy on dat ship... and, ummm... NO! Wait! I wasn't even in our room. Nope. I was in here. It was Lightning! He did it!"

Round and round we go.

Thunder: "MOOOOMMMMMAAAAA!! Lightning choked my neck!!"

Lightning: "Na-ah. I was just falling down and had to grab on to sumpin'. It was an accident."

Me: Riiiiiiigggghhhhtttt.

Here's the deal... Even with all the messes, screaming, fussing, fighting and whining, I wouldn't trade a one of those lil' boogers for all the riches in the world.

I grew up the middle of five children. I have two older brothers and two younger sisters. I loved almost every second of my childhood. I don't believe I suffered for a moment with Middle Child Syndrome. My parents did a wonderful job of making sure I never felt like a middle child.
My dear friend, Dana, once said to me, "Middle children are the best type of friends to have, because they know how to get along with everybody." I love that saying.

Yes, there were times we all had to compromise our own wants, to be there for one of our other siblings. In the long run, I believe that is what has helped me to adjust to LIFE as an adult.

Learning how to listen, share, love, stand-up for yourself and for one another, believe in yourself because you know that even if you make a total ass of yourself, there are still six other people at home who will love you and back you up, no matter what. Learning how to work as a team, learning how to keep your mouth shut when it's not the right time for discussion, and learning how to fight fair are also important things I attribute to growing up with my siblings.

Along with these life lessons, I learned how to entertain myself, how to enjoy and appreciate the rare quiet moments, and also how to laugh at myself. (Which, let's face it, not nearly enough people on this planet know how to do.)

As I've gotten older, and witnessed other families and how they function, I've realized how truly precious my family and siblings are to me. And that we're definitely in the minority of happy, loving families, who are close and love being together as often as possible.

My Mother gets asked often, "What did you do, to make them all get along so well?" I don't think she gives herself enough credit. She and my Daddy were wonderful role models when it came to issues like conflict resolution, being a good listener, discipline, and most importantly how to love the LORD by loving one another.

Life lessons and great memories were reasons enough for me to want to mimic my family by having a large family. We now sit around at our get-togethers and laugh until we cry, discussing some of our crazy times as children. We also consult one another for parenting and marital advice. My siblings are truly some of my best friends, my biggest fans, and I'm proud to say, I'm theirs.

Another reason for wanting my children to experience life with siblings is so that when Bert and I pass away (when we're old and gray, long before any of them, Lord willing) they will have each other to help with the grieving process, to tell stories and laugh about us, while sharing fun memories... Our legacy.

C. from Kansas City, I hope that helps more than it hurt! :)

Love, Big Momma

PS. To those who prefer one child, or who couldn't have more than one... please don't take this post as a knock to you. To each his own. I am simply answering a question asked to me, and thought I would go ahead and share with any others who may wonder the same things. That is all. So, no hate-mail please.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Y'all, today I'm being featured over at Rants From Mommyland!!!

Seriously, Lydia & Kate are like the coolest girls ever in the blog world. And they allowed ME to be a part of their awesomeness for a day. (Here's the link: )

Okay, I totally feel like a 9th grade nobody, and the coolest Senior captains of the cheerleading squad just asked me to sit at their lunch table!

So do me a favor and check it out, if you will. Pretty please. With cherries on top? You too will fall in love with Lydia & Kate.

And if you're visiting here for the first time, here's a big group hug from The Storm! ((( )))

So glad you stopped by. Feel free to stay a while... the laundry can wait.
Love, Big Momma

Monday, July 4, 2011

"Wow! You look like the Fourth of July!... Makes me want a hotdog real bad."

~Paulette, Legally Blonde II

I love celebrating July 4th, and all the fun traditions that come along with it. I love visiting with our families, grilling hotdogs with close friends, and dressing our entire families in red, white and blue attire, then holding our sweetly coordinated babies on hand-sewn quilts, while watching fireworks light up the night sky.

Having the freedom and safety to do all of these things is something I often take for granted.

Knowing there are brave men and women who were willing to die for my freedom and safety makes my heart swell with many emotions... Sadness, for their families; Joy, that because of them, me and my monkeys are free; and mostly PRIDE, because their bravery and our freedom is the one thing that makes our Nation simply the best.

The Storm and I left The Meteorologist home for the weekend to catch up on some work (and sleep) and traveled to Cookie & Grandy's house for a mini-reunion with four out of five of our siblings. We ate delicious foods, laughed until we cried, stayed up way past our bedtimes, enjoyed each other's company.. and them ate some more, laughed some more, and cried some more. (The adults from all the laughing... the children from staying up too late.)

Above photograph is missing three grands. Well, technically FIVE more, if you count the two that are in-utero (mine and my sister's, who is due just a little bit before me.) Her Highness is the oldest. By the time the last two arrive, there will have been 16 grandchildren born in 8 years. Can you imagine how much FUN we have all together?? Or the NOISE level??

"Those who would give up some of their liberty in order to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither, liberty nor safety." ~Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Thank-you to ALL our Service Men and Women who continue to fight for our safety and liberty.

As The Storm would say, "Happy For-fa-July!"

Love, The Hudson's