Friday, March 6, 2009

Harry James

Our little Stinker Pot. The boy is now 17 months old, and has me jumping through hoops all day long just to keep up with him. Monday, I was babysitting for a good friend who also has three boys that are very close to all of my boys' ages. Six boys, five and under, is a party, let me just tell you. Nikki's boys are much more obedient than mine, so it really wasn't too much trouble. They all play very well together, so it's nice for everyone to have a playmate and change of pace. All six boys were playing together in Jack & Ty's room, when Trent, the youngest of the McElroy bunch, only two weeks younger than Hank, came into the living room with a book for me to read. I pulled him up into my lap and began reading. Hank, looking for his lost playmate, came wandering into the living room a few minutes later. He got a funny look on his face, when he realized Trent was stealing his Momma's lap, and said, clear as day, "Ewwww, Momma. Ewwww. Tent TINKY! Ewwww! Tinky Tent." I have a slight cold, so I assumed Hank knew what he was talking about. Perhaps Trent had just done the deed in the boys room and didn't have the guts to tell me, so he brought a book to me instead, hoping I would smell him and change his diaper. I stood Trent up in front of me to check his diaper. That's when Hank made his move, climbing up into my lap as quickly as he could, with a smirk on his face. 17 MONTHS OLD, y'all! My other three would have just laid down at my feet and thrown a ginormous temper tantrum, or bitten the other child. I am scared. If these are the stunts he's pulling at 17 months, what do we have to look forward to in the teenage years??

A couple of nights ago, our entire family was piled in front of the teli watching "American Idol" a Hudson House fav. Our kids love for us to announce them as contestants, then they sing a favorite song. Bert and I are the judges and make comments, then we quickly announce that "You MADE it to the TOP 12!!!" Each child jumps up and down and squeals, Lucy usually squeezes out a few fake tears and thanks the audience for voting. Fun times. We use their full names when announcing, and since Hank is still too young (or is he) to understand, we would just say "Hank! Yeah for Hank!" and clap. To this, Jack says, "Hey Daddy, I know Hank's full name... It's HARRY JAMES! But, we call him Hank." Ever since, Bert and I have called him Harry.

Post Script: His name is Henry, Henry James, but we call him Hank... That's short for Henry.


Kiera said...

Hilarious! I guess he has to figure out ways that works for him since he is the youngest of 4!! ;) And thank you for the clarification. When I read the title I was like I felt for sure that his name was Henry, but then I was kind of questioning myself. Thanks for letting me know that really his name is NOT Harry!!! :) LOL! Love you!

Cindy said...

The littlest ones are always the most crafty! Way to go Harry! Wait, I mean Henry! No, I mean Hank! :-)

Dixie said...

Hail, small and dangerous! You better watch out, I always said he was the most street smart 1yr. old I had ever met. Jack is hilarious! I am laughing so hard thinking of him calling Hank "Harry James". Jack has too many siblings to keep up with their full names. ha!