Monday, March 2, 2009

Al Gore may be on to something...

I'm still not a huge fan though.

Saturday the kids were out in bathing suits, playing in the pond that had formed in our back yard. Sunday, we were "snowed in" since we live in the south and have no clue how to handle a winter wonderland. I'm so not jealous of my friends and family who live north of Nashville. I don't know how "you guys" deal with this mess. One day was fun and all I could stand.
Thunder suffered slight hypothermia. He and Her Highness played outside for nearly three straight hours. When I finally forced them inside, he could barely walk. After soaking in a warm bath for 30 minutes, he finally regained feeling from his waist down.
Funny how things change with age... I enjoyed watching the children from my heated living room, instead of being out in it. I was on hot chocolate duty, happy to greet my little snowmen with warm blankets and dry clothes to change into. I had a flash back while drying the kids off for the fifth time... I remembered how my Mom always stayed in to get dry clothes ready and make hot chocolate. I always thought, "Poor Momma, she doesn't get to stay out and play. She has to be inside doing work for the whole family while we have all the fun..." Mom, I'm on to you.
Saturday at Noon:

Less than 24 hours later:

Yes, those are grocery sack snow boots. It's the latest fashion.

My little snow angels

Hail was stuck indoors with me. He got to go out for
about 20 minutes (while I took pictures). He didn't care
for it too much.

How to keep toddlers entertained, and frost bite
only on the fingertips.

Warming up with hot chocolate and smores


Cindy said...

I'm with you on the staying inside for dry clothes, hot chocolate and smores duty! I did get out for a little bit to throw snowballs with Cooper and make snow angels though. He could have stayed out in it all day! But, I was losing feeling in my fingers. Jay was the real trooper though. He went out with him and played, and played, and played, and even built a snowman with him. It was a fun day, but I'm good with the sunshine today!

Jessa Mullen said...

Well the child came out in me.. I loved it.. But I will is fun.. and few days would be alright.. But anymore than that... no thank you !!!

Kiera said...

Loved the snow in a bowl and "walmart bag" shoes. Perfect! So glad your kiddos had fun! Tyler had fun until I accidently let him face plant into the snow, then he wasn't so happy and now he has a chapped face to show for it. Such a bad mommy!! ;) Love and miss you!